Novel Spaces: “Write Proudly!”

It’s the 16th, which means it’s my turn at bat over at Novel Spaces!

This month, I recount one of the more humorous (and not a little frustrating) experiences Kevin and I encountered as we–a couple of media tie-in “hacks”–dared to venture into a lair of “real writers” during a writers conference in a bid to impart a bit of hard-won wisdom and practical knowledge from the world of writing for licensed properties. What could’ve been an uncomfortable evening in this setting ended up being just the beginning of a rather fun and rewarding weekend. The one thing I took away from the entire experience? I’m proud of what I do, and I don’t really care what other people think.

Novel Spaces: Write Proudly!

My Novel Spaces archive:

So, about this month’s topic: Do you feel like you have to “hide” what you write, because you’re worried about what others might be thinking when or if they see it? Worried enough about it to use a pen name in order to conceal the “ugly truth?” Why?


5 thoughts on “Novel Spaces: “Write Proudly!”

  1. I don’t find it difficult to share what I write with people online, but the people in my life, like my co-workers, I have a hard time with. To me it’s like saying out loud, “At 7pm Monday night I plan to walk down the street naked.” Even if they have no interest in seeing me naked, I’m nervous that they’ll show up just to see if I’ll actually do it.


  2. My co-workers at my dayjob know that I moonlight. Another co-worker moonlights as a freelance sports photographer, so we sometimes share our experiences dealing with whoever so far as our part-time hobby/additional income stream is concerned.

    So….Monday at 7? 😉


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