G & T…and, uh…D.

For those of you who were smart enough to sleep in this past Sunday morning, you missed out on me hanging with friends Nick Minecci and Terry Lynn Shull for the latest episode of their weekly Star Trek-themed internet radio show/podcast, The G & T Show.

Wait, what’s the G and T? Well, the “T” is obviously Terry, while the “G” is a reference to Nick’s online handle, “Gettysburg7.” Everybody go it? Cool.

Anyway, the show covers a lot of Trek-related topics, though mostly its focus is the Star Trek Online game as well as Star Trek fiction. This week’s episode featured their review of Star Trek: Vanguard – Declassified, and after they finished offering their thoughts on the book, I jumped into the fray and we blathered about all sorts of Trek-related goodness.

Cover for Vanguard: Declassified

The show is now available for download/listening at the G&T Show website. So, if listening to 3 hours of laidback nerdity is your thing? We’ve got you covered.

Thanks very much to Nick and Terry for having me on their show!

Lay it on me.

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