Catch me if you can….

So, I’ll be getting around a bit during the next week, at least in an online sense.

First, this coming Sunday morning, August 21st, I’m supposed to be dropping in to the Sunday G and T Show, a weekly internet-based talk show/podcast hosted by my friends Terry Lynn Shull and Nick Minecci. One of the show’s focuses is Star Trek fiction, and they’ve even started monthly book club. The first entry in their read and discussion group is Star Trek: Vanguard – Declassified, which has now been out a couple of months. That’ll be one of the topics on Sunday, and I’m sure the Vanguard talk will also turn to the upcoming books in the series, as well. I’m not sure yet what time I’m supposed to be on, but I’ll obviously post that info once I get it.

Next? Starting next Tuesday, August 23rd, I will begin posting as a regular contributor to the Novel Spaces Blog. Longtime friend and fellow Star Trek: Strange New Worlds and Star Trek: Corps of Engineers vet Kevin Killiany has been a regular contributor there for quite some time now, and he approached me last week about joining the team. After my first post next week, I’ll move to my regular rotation and post a new column on the 16th of every month. I have no idea what I might talk about, so expect lots of observations about bacon in all its myriad forms.

Finally, next Wednesday, August 24th, at 9pm Eastern, I’ll be the guest for Bryan Thomas Scmhidt‘s weekly Science Fiction and Fantasy Writer’s Chat, which he co-hosts with writer/editor Sarah Hendrix over on Twitter. If you want to follow or join the discussion, simply follow the “#sffwrtcht” hashtag. If not, a transcript will be posted to the chat’s page over on Bryan’s site.

Yeah, that’s enough for one week, I think.

Lay it on me.

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