Halloween story – 2011 edition?

Reading John Scalzi’s new short story that he posted to Twitter today in honor of reaching 20,000 followers reminded me that I should probably start thinking about what — if anything — I might do for my third annual “Halloween Twitter Story.”

Weren’t around back then? Maybe you had something more interesting to do those nights? For those still wondering, during each of the past two Halloween nights, I “live-tweeted” a story via Twitter, delivering each tale via that platform’s 140 byte-per-Tweet limit. The first year’s story was relatively short, and I was able to get in and out without too much trouble. Last year’s story was longer, and I actually got stopped by Twitter by tweeting too much within a prescribed time frame.


With that in mind, I’ve decided that while I won’t be doing any prolonged “live-tweeting” of any new story this year, I’d still write one, and in keeping somewhat with this “Twitter tradition,” I’d write it so that each sentence is 140 characters or less. For the most part, that’s how each of the first two stories was presented, anyway.

Oh, and for those who might want to see what the hub-bub was about, you can read those stories here:
Halloween 2009: “Last Stand
Halloween 2010: “Counter-Protest

What to do this year? I’m actually stuck on that point, at the moment. The first year was easy, because I already had a story in the file which lent itself to the idea and required little conversion/updating on my part for it to fit the Twitter format. Last year’s story grew out of prompt given to me by my friend “Terpette” on Twitter. I’ve got a couple of potential ideas for this go-around, but nothing’s really grabbing me at the moment.

I shall have to ponder this a bit….

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