And we’re back…for now.

So, as most folks know, LiveJournal has been getting ass-hammered by yet another in a series of Distributed Denial of Service (or “DDoS,” as the kids say) attacks these past few days. The result has been spotty access for users, readers, and even the poor, unloved spammers.

I know of at least one person on my LJ F-list who’s already formally announced that they’re relocating their primary blog presence to another platform. Other folks are considering the switch, or at least mirroring their blog efforts at another venue. Given some of the (admittedly unsubstantiated) rumors, gossip and other fear-mongering I’ve read regarding LJ’s continuing status and future, and in a bid to make sure I don’t lose everything I’ve got over there, I’m in the process of porting stufff from my LJ blog to here.

Hey, go easy on me. I’m just getting started trying to figure out everything over here. One thing that disappointed me about importing LJ entries to this platform was that it didn’t bring along the comments. That kinda sucks.

It’s very likely that this will become my “new blog home” some time in the near future, with cross-posting back to LJ. If the DDoS nonsense keeps up there, that will probably motivate me to accelerate the transition.

Sorry, LJ, but this was ridiculous after the fourth or fifth time it happened.

And so it goes.


4 thoughts on “And we’re back…for now.

  1. Apparently I am the first person to add the RSS from this blog to Google Reader. Yay?

    Yeah, the LJ stuff is getting ridiculous. Not only is it difficult to get to the site, I’ve noticed that more and more people I follow are simply not posting anymore. It’ll be a sad day when LJ finally folds for good; I have yet to see anything quite like it. Even Dreamwidth isn’t quite the same, since it doesn’t have the userbase.

    Everything has its time, I suppose.


    1. Most people have shifted to Facebook or Twitter (and now Google+, which I haven’t yet tried), where brevity is the name of the game. While those places are fun, I still want a place for my more long-form ramblings and whatnot. I’ll likely retire my old-school website and just have the URL point to here, and set up pages to preserve certain content I bring over from there, too. It’ll be a slow, painful process, but I’ll get there.

      And congrats on being the first “feeder.” 🙂


  2. Welcome to WordPress. I used it in the past on standalone sites and use the main for my current blog. I’ve always loved the platform. Glad to see you around. 😉


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