Incoming Subspace Communique….

A few weeks ago, Chris and Charity Wood of Subspace Communique invited me to “sit down” and have a chat with them, joining friend and Trek guru Larry Nemecek, friend and Hey, Star Trek! blogger Jerad Formby, and friend and Geek Fights host Damon Shaw.

The subject? “Our lives after Trek.” In actuality, the conversation wandered from how each of us got into Trek as well as offering our thoughts on the various incarnations. What was intended to be about an hour’s worth of podcast ended up being something like 478.3 hours of material, so Chris has wisely decided to divvy up the show into multiple episodes, thereby guaranteeing that the Life After Trek podcast is set for new shows until somewhere out about a week or two after our sun goes nova.

Speaking for myself, I had a lot of fun, and hope we can do it again sometime. In the meantime, check out the first part of what may well be the most epicly inconsequential yet entertaining podcast in the history of recorded media, which is now live:

Life After Trek Podcast: Our Lives After Trek, Part 1

Obviously, I’ll supply updates for the subsequent episodes as long as they keep coming, or until I die…whichever comes first.

Thanks so much to Chris and Charity for having us on. It was a total blast!

Lay it on me.

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