Blathering about Star Trek: The Motion Picture at!

Today marks the start of “Star Trek Movie Marathon Week” over at, who as some of you know has been very nice to David Mack (infinitydog) and me in recent months. The good Tor-folks are spending the week celebrating the Star Trek movies featuring the original cast, and they asked Dave and me if we were interested in getting in on the fun.

Mr. Mack volunteered to write about Star Trek III: The Search for Spock, whereas I accepted the challenge of reminiscing and trying to find something nice to say about the movie which brought Kirk and Company to the silver screen for the very first time, Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Actually, it wasn’t all that hard to do. Despite its faults (of which there are more than a few), I really do have a soft spot for the flick, warts and all.

You can read my contribution to what promises to be a fun week over at Tor, here:

Star Trek: The Motion Picture – Big Ideas Worthy of a Return

Each day will bring with it a new piece about the next film in the sequence, as well as a special giveaway contest hosted by Tor. Today’s contest is right here: Star Trek: The Motion Picture Appreciation Giveaway


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