Is that the…?

So, I’m checking out, getting my fix of Trekkie news and whatnot, and I happen across their article reporting on a new Star Trek-themed slot machine coming to casinos later this year:

TrekMovie: First Look At New ‘Star Trek: Battlestations’ Slot Machine

This is the second Trek-related slot machine from this company. I got to play the first one when the Las Vegas Hilton had a few in its Spacequest Casino, formerly co-located with the now late and very-much lamented Star Trek: The Experience attraction. Anyway, there’s a picture of the new machines included with the article (you can see a much larger version by clicking on it and going to the article at TrekMovie):

Notice anything familiar? I did, and it only gets better if you watch the trailer for the game which is included in the article. I did make one screengrab for you, though:

Yes, gentle readers, that is a Watchtower-class space station, such as the one adorning several different covers in the Star Trek: Vanguard series.

Is that not completely, utterly wild, or what?

According to the report, the first machines will be available at the Rio Hotel in Vegas, in time for the big Star Trek convention being held there in August. Of course, as has been pointed out to me, the images in this article might well only be preliminary artwork which won’t be included in the final version of the game. Since my current plans call for me to be in Vegas that weekend, you can rest assured I’ll be on the lookout for these, and will take appropriate photos…hopefully of the things giving me an assload of money.


Lay it on me.

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