“Bones, this stuff should be illegal….”

So, the “Romulan Ale” energy drink. Anybody ever drink it?

I’m not referring to the “Romulan Ale” beer which used to be sold at, among other locations, the late and lamented Star Trek: The Experience in Las Vegas, both in Quark’s Bar as well as in the retail shops. That came in glass longneck bottles, and about the only thing good about it was the label, both on the bottles as well as the cardboard carrier/cartons in which it was shipped. I mean, that stuff was okay if you liked your teeth and your urine turning blue. Otherwise? Eh. I’m led to understand that you can still buy the stuff in some liquor stores out west, but I’ve never cared enough to go hunting for it.

But what about this other stuff? What I’m talking about here is something a bit more recent; so far as I can tell, it started being sold around the time of the ramp-up to the 2009 movie. For one thing, the cans carry the Star Trek logo which came to be associated with officially licensed products starting in late 2008/early 2009. As for the logo/etc., it’s actually reminiscent of the beer bottles:

As energy drinks go, I’m rather particular. The only one I really like is Monster (the one with the Green “M”); others I’ve tried have all tasted like varying degrees of liquefied dogshit. Curious as to what this might taste like, I ordered a couple of cans from an online retailer. After that effort, how does “Romulan Ale” stack up?

Well, it’s like I said yesterday on Twitter: “If a Pixie Stix monster had diarrhea, the result might taste like the Romulan Ale energy drink. Holy Satan’s Taint, is this nasty.”

Yep, that’s about the size of it. Too sweet, too harsh so far as carbonation, and I didn’t really feel anything in the way of an energy boost or rush. I think I probably would’ve had a stronger reaction if I’d just eaten the empty can.

So, anybody else give this a whirl?

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