February writing wrap-up.

So, February 2011 meandered past and is now in the books.

The weekly guest blogs with David Mack (infinitydog) continue over at Tor.com and their weekly feature, Star Trek Re-Watch. As I write this, the write-up for the second-to-last episode of the original Star Trek‘s third season has been submitted for review, and we have just two left before our (initial?) tour at Tor is complete. New installments of the blog are published every Thursday around noonish. Next up? “The Savage Curtain.”

Help, me, Spock.

As for whatever else I may (or may not) have accomplished during the month? Eh.

A Batman for All Ages” – Guest blog for Tor.com – I was one of several contributors invited to submit a piece for the site’s “Bat-Week” theme. The blog was published at Tor back on February 2nd, so…you know…go and read it. I’ll wait.

Articles for Star Trek Magazine, Issue 32 – For this issue, which started hitting shelves around February 8th, Kevin and I contributed two pieces which (supposedly) added some light humor to the overall “romance theme.” So, yes, “Dear Lwaxana” and “Ask Navaar” are ours. Kevin and I also penned solo articles tying into the magazine’s celebration of Star Trek‘s 45th anniversary. I wrote a short bit on “The Gamesters of Triskelion” (the 45th episode broadcast), and Kevin offered up a fresh look at “The Terratin Incident” (the 90th episode, so far as broadcast order is concerned, across all of the series. See the pattern yet?). Finally, I helped editor Paul Simpson and artist David Reddick with this month’s installment of The Trek Life, which begins an 8-part story arc in this issue.

Article for Star Trek Magazine, Issue 33 – I contributed a feature piece for this issue, writing about Star Trek characters who’ve been shown making “the ultimate sacrifice.” I delivered the piece back on January 16th, and the issue’s scheduled to hit stands later this month.

Almost Tomorrow – One of four novellas for the Star Trek: Vanguard – Declassified anthology, which will present stories in and around the existing and ever-evolving Star Trek: Vanguard storylines. The tales will cover events from before the first book, Harbinger, to after the most recent book, Precipice, and will explore aspects of the series which until now have only been hinted at as well as setting up a plot thread or two for the next books in the pipeline. I returned by corrections to the copyedited manuscripts on February 3rd, and I expect to see first-pass pages later this month. We were also told that all four novellas were approved by CBS Licensing with no changes requested. Declassified is still slated for a late June 2011 publication.

Articles for Star Trek Magazine Issues 35 and 36 – I’ve been commissioned to write a piece for each of these issues, and the one for #35 promises to be fun on a level I haven’t enjoyed since doing the “Captain Proton” pieces for issue #16 way back in early 2009. The second piece will also be fun (I don’t know if I could do it, otherwise!), but the first one really has my mouth watering. The piece for #35 is due later this month, and I started work on it this past weekend, and the piece for #36 isn’t due until mid April or so. More on these as it becomes appropriate to share.

What Judgments ComeStar Trek: Vanguard – Formerly The Taurus Key: A Crystalline Fairy Tale, Founded Upon The Mysteries of the Shedai and the Oppression of Their Servants. It Was Written for Kollotuul, But Others Should Read It). Due to unforeseen circumstances, the manuscript’s delivery has been shifted to March 15th. The book has also been moved up in the publication schedule from December to October, so you’ll have plenty of time to buy many copies to give as Christmas presents.

“Going My Own Way” – A “superhero” story I submitted for consideration as an entry in Gods of Justice, a superhero-themed anthology set to be published by Cliffhanger Books. I submitted my story back on December 31st, and I expect the full list of selected stories will be made available some time in the next week or so, as stated by the editors at their site.

“And Then One Night…All Hell Broke Loose” – My contribution to a series of “special stories” set in the universe of HG World, the kick-ass zombie apocalypse audio drama series which is the brainchild of Jay Smith (aka dr_p_venkman). Other installments are being written are authors Keith DeCandido (kradical), Terri Osborne (terri_osborne), and Elizabeth Donald (reannon). I returned a tweaked version of the script to Jay on November 3rd, and now I wait to see how it gets cast with voice actors, and to hear it come to life (or, “undeath,” if you prefer)!

Guest blog for Novel Spaces – Over the holidays, I along with other past “guest bloggers” to Novel Spaces received an invitation to contribute something to the site in 2011. Last year, I wrote a piece about collaboration, and got some nice e-Mail feedback about it. I have no idea what I might write about this time around, but that didn’t stop me from accepting the invitation. My entry won’t go up until June, so I have plenty of time to come up with something. Suggestions as to possible topics are always welcome, of course. Otherwise, well…you’ve been warned.

Vampire novel(?) – I started screwing around with this idea a while back, as I wrote about here. It remains tabled as I work on the stuff with actual deadlines, but it’s still lurking in the back of my mind. It likely will sit and idle for a little while, as I work on projects that have paychecks attached.

There are a few other things in the very earliest stages of discussion and/or gestation, and I really should decide whether I’m going to get off my ass and put some effort toward assembling that chapbook version of “The Enterprise Job.”

Catch ya on the flipside.

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