R-NY seeks SWF. WTF?

You know, there are some people who, quite simply, are too stupid to be allowed outside their home without a leash.

Unfortunately, it appears that…sometimes…we elect such people to public office.

Adding yet more weight to the prevailing theory that many males just do not have enough blood to power both their brain AND their dick, we have this latest example of an elected official doing something he really ought not to be doing. At least, he shouldn’t be doing it where other people might be able to see, point, and mock.

The Huffington Post: Rep. Chris Lee Resigns After Craigslist Photos Come to Light

We’ll set aside for the moment that this is yet another trooper who’s broken ranks and gone rogue from the “Family Values(tm)” brigade. We’ll forego commenting on how he doesn’t believe gays and lesbians should marry, as that would certainly taint the sacred institution of holy matrimony such as what he undoubtedly shares with his wife. We won’t even delve too deeply into the fact that he’s doing all of this while at the same time coming down on the “Bigoted Asshole and 3rd Degree Douchebag” side of issues like “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” and abortion rights.

No. Instead, let’s talk about what utter moron this guy seems to be.

To borrow one of my favorite epithets from Spartacus: Blood and Sand, how in the name of Jupiter’s Cock is a UNITED STATES CONGRESSMAN, at this point in the 21st century, so ignorant about how computers and the internet work? Particularly when he’s going to have something like this posted to his own page on the House of Representatives website:

Congressman Chris Lee – Tonawanda News: Teen Internet safety must be a priority
(Thanks to bill_leisner for the link.)

Oh, but no. This guy, he goes prowling for a girlfriend on the internet, using his real name, an e-Mail address that features his real name and which can be tracked back to him, and then posts a photo of himself to his prospective booty call. Does he expect that the lady on the other end won’t at least do the preliminary “Google His Ass” move before agreeing to meet with him?

Tell me that didn’t have “trainwreck” stamped all over it. I mean, the jokes are beating the shit out of each other in order to be the first ones to write themselves.



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