Paths of Disharmony: “official” Q&A post.

Well, today marks the “official” publication date for the book, even though some folks have had it for as much as two weeks, due to the weirdness of time, space, fate, and other nefarious forces at work behind the scenes. For the e-Book crowd, today marks the date electronic versions of the book are available for different devices and gadgets (not all, I’m learning, but supposedly that’s being addressed).

You’ve got yours, right?

Anyway, I’ve been getting some interesting (and a couple of interesting) questions about the book. After answering those queries, I decided to try something new. I’m making this the “official Q&A” post for Paths of Disharmony. Here, you’ll (hopefully) be able to get the straight dope from the dope, along with answers to all those burning questions about the story, characters, what it might mean for the ongoing narrative(s) currently underway in the various series/lines/etc., what the hell I was thinking when I wrote that, or that, or even THAT, and so on.

If questions wander into areas about which I’m not able to reveal too much info, I’ll be as polite about that as I can. I can’t rule out a smart-ass comment in reply to a really weird question, but I’ll do my best to keep that autonomous response in check. Even if that happens, I’ll still try to supply something approaching a “real” answer. Consider this post the Hollywood Squares of book-related threads. 😀

(For those of you reading this via Facebook, feel free to comment/inquire in the FB space.)

And with that, let the inquisition begin!

EDIT: I’ve been asked to repost questions I received via eMail. I don’t typically repost the contents of eMails to the blog, but I’ve asked those with whom I corresponded if it was okay, and so far I’ve gotten a couple of approvals. So, with that in mind, here are the questions I answered before starting this thread.


First, the “Historian’s Note” I originally had in my manuscript was for some unknown reason was left out of the final book. I posted it in an earlier blog entry, but what the heck:


The events of this novel unfold during the latter half of 2382,
more than a year after the events of the Star Trek: Destiny trilogy
and approximately three years after the events of the film Star Trek Nemesis.

And now:

  1. Will Andor join the Typhon Pact?

    Beats me. 🙂

    Some folks are operating under the assumption that Andor’s joining the Typhon Pact is a foregone conclusion. In all honesty, I left things purposely vague at the end of the book, so as not to hamstring the next writers too badly. All that’s known at the end of my book is that Andor has seceded from the Federation. What happens next is up to the editor and any writers who may be involved in future stories.

  2. Who named Picard and Crusher’s kid?

    The name was devised well before I even submitted my outline for the book, and was utilized by Mike Martin in his novel The Needs of the Many, which is a tie-in to the Star Trek Online role-playing game. It’s worth noting that the game and the book are set in a “parallel continuity” to that of the “regular” Star Trek novels, though both sets of events are required to be consistent with what’s on screen (the “canon”). By the time I was working on my novel, the name was already a done deal.

  3. Geordi gets lucky! Was this your idea?

    Yes…at least I think it was…and this wasn’t even something I had in the original outline. At some point during the writing process, I just decided it was high time Geordi quit striking out at the dating game. I’m also pretty sure I ran at least something along these lines past Bill Leisner (who wrote the TNG novel set before mine, Losing the Peace), because at the time I was just getting going on the writing, I was still force-feeding myself the six or seven books which come before mine, chronologically, in an effort to catch up in a very compressed time-frame. Come to think of it, this might actually have been Bill’s idea. Crap, I can’t remember. I’ll have to see if I can dig up the eMail(s) with that discussion. Anyway, when it came time for my manuscript to be reviewed, neither my editor nor the licensing folks at CBS raised any objections.

  4. Whose idea was it to bring in the Star Trek: Vanguard angle?

    The notion was fleshed out with the help of my editor and fellow Typhon Pact writers, but I’ll cop to being the one who blurted out the idea of using the Taurus Meta-Genome as the plot device that allows the Pact, in the form of the Tholians, to worm their way into Andor’s business and get them irked at the Federation. The trick here was the understanding that the Star Trek: Vanguard storyline was and is still evolving, and I didn’t want to write anything which might hem us in (or reveal too much) with respect to that series. So, that was fun 🙂

Okay. Anybody else?

Lay it on me.

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