Star Trek Re-Watch: “Whom Gods Destroy”

Hey, kids! It’s Thursday, and you know what that means: another exciting installment of Star Trek Re-Watch with me and David Mack (infinitydog), as hosted by our benevolent masters over at

This week? Chess moves, torturous furniture, a hot Orion dancing chick, and a crazy former Starfleet officer who’s now four McNuggets and the cool toy short of a Happy Meal: it’s “Whom Gods Destroy.” I drew the short straw and provide the episode recap this time around, while Mr. Mack does an outstanding job eviscerating it. Analyze our asses, Lord Garth!

So, mosey over to and check out our latest yammerings, and feel free to jump into the discussion. The Tor folks like it when we bring folks into their house and help them pay bills and…you know…us.

The Mack/Ward Star Trek Re-Watch Archive:

Next Voyage: He’s white on the left side, and he’s white on the right side. Let’s call the whole thing off! It’s “Let That Be Your Last Battlefield,” with Dave providing the recap, while and I attempt to find something redeeming to recommend about the episode.


Lay it on me.

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