Gone Fishin.’

The dog is living the high life at the Pet Hotel (I swear to God I’m not kidding), the mail’s on hold, and friends will be housesitting, raiding my fridge and my DVD collection in beween watering plants and searching for my porn stash. Clan Ward is officially east bound and down.

Though there will be sporadic updates (perhaps a travelogue of sorts), along with reminders to the truly important stuff (like new episodes of Star Trek Re-Watch, and ruminations on the Bucs after their next two games), I can’t predict when I’ll be able to get back here. So, between now and sometime late on December 31st, just consider us to have gone fishin’….

But in case your own plans don’t bring you back here between now and then: Happy Holidays, Peace Out, and all that good stuff. See you on the other side, if not at a few rest stops along the way.

Lay it on me.

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