Caption contest: We have a winnah!

Well, thank God that’s over, right?

After all that teeth-gnashing (okay, not really), we have a clear winner for the best caption to go with this photo:

“Dayton’s remote-controlled Glenn Beckbot is quite a hit at parties.” – liquidcross

As a result, liquidcross gets to add to his library (or his cat’s litter box, or whatever) this little gem:

We also have a couple of runner’s up:

“Interrupt me with those damn beeps one more time and next convention you’ll need Pike’s wheelchair to do your schtick.” – romulantbonz


“If I stand here long enough looking casual, that chick in the front row with the Spock ears will stop staring at me and going into Pon Farr.” – Sue Rosenthal via Facebook

For them? A signed cover flat for my forthcoming Star Trek: Typhon Pact novel, Paths of Disharmony.

As for the “fun” pic, well, it was a landslide victory:

“No wonder Rand doesn’t have time for me anymore.” – @Gettysburg7 on Twitter

The second pic wasn’t part of the contest, but I’m still looking around for something to send the winner.

Thanks for playing along, everyone! For the winners, please contact me offlist with your mailing info so I can get stuff on its way to you.


Lay it on me.

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