Almost time for the “Counter-Protest.”

A week or so ago, I announced that I’d be doing another “Halloween Twitter Story” again this year, following the postive feedback I got from last year’s story in this vein, “Last Stand.” Now that we’re getting closer to Halloween, I figure it’s about the right time to offer up some info. Besides, I’m having fun creating “cover art” which aids in selling the story’s premise of spoofing a certain group of hateful douchebags. Example:

Like last year, the story will be presented as a series of tweets, and each tweet will be appended with a Twitter hashtag. In this case, I’ll be using “#wardfic,” so by searching on that, you’ll have access to the story tweets, albeit in reverse order.

I’ll probably start the Twitterfest around 6:30pm (Central Time) on Halloween evening, right about the time the neighborhood kids are beginning their trick-or-treat rounds. So, if you’re reading this and you’re on Twitter and you *don’t* want to be subjected to my Twitterhea, I won’t take it personally if you put me on ignore or simply unfollow me for the hour or so it should take to get through the whole thing.

(Though I might take it a bit personally if you don’t un-ignore or re-follow me once it’s all said and done. Don’t make a grown man cry, all right?)

For the rest of you die-hard faithful and even just the ones who will be caught unaware once I start, see you Sunday!


About Dayton Ward

Freelance word pusher. Husband. Dad. Trekkie. Rush fan (the band). Tampa Bay Bucs fan. Observer/derider of human behavior. I know where my towel is.
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