Star Trek Re-Watch, with me and the MackDaddy!

Starting today, friend and fellow scribe David Mack (infinitydog) and I begin a most-excellent tour of duty over at, hosting a weekly review of episodes from the original Star Trek series. It’s a feature they’ve had for a while now, called Star Trek Re-Watch, and a different team of writers had already quite-ably hosted reviews for all of the episodes from the first and second seasons. With the third season now in the queue, David and I were invited to take over, beginning with that seminal fan favorite episode, “Spock’s Brain.”

Awwwwwww, yeah.

You can read our first Re-Watch review just by clicking on this linky-type thing right here.

Our plans call for alternating duties with the episodes. Next week, I’ll provide the episode recap and some analysis, and David will shoulder the burden of trying to inject some weight to the discussion. Considering the next installment will be “The Enterprise Incident,” I figure he’ll have a good time with it.

To celebrate our debut at the site, Tor is also hosting a giveaway, consisting of the awesome “Rock/Paper/Scissors/Lizard/Spock” shirt from, as well as autographed copies of two Star Trek: Vanguard novels, my Open Secrets and Dave’s Precipice. Check out the details RIGHT HERE.

Many thanks to Irene Gallo and Bridget McGovern at Tor for inviting us to bring our brand of fun to a new audience!

(For those wondering, this does not signal an end to my already ongoing series of “Wayback Reviews.” In fact, I’ve got an episode from the second season already slotted for review over the forthcoming long weekend, right after I finish reviewing Commando. Why not just consolidate my Trek efforts? For one thing, Tor doesn’t want me droppin’ the F-bomb every other sentence, and I still need to let those out on occasion.)

Though this first entry went live today, future weekly installments are scheduled to appear on Thursdays beginning next week. Check ’em out, whydontcha?


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