In which we answer for our Sins.

Star Trek: Seven Deadly Sins
Our friend Jens Deffner (defcons_treklit) over at Unreality SF has reviewed the Star Trek anthology from earlier this year, Seven Deadly Sins. As is generally the case with this site, the review is balanced and thoughtful, even when the reviewer finds something in the book that doesn’t work for him. Such is the case with our novella, The First Peer, about which Jens offers the following remarks:

The First Peer is a decent story, which makes good use of the Romulan/Pride combination. The only real downside to it is that with the exception of the final revelation, it is a tad too predictable. To some extent that’s because you know the story’s sin is Pride, so you simply expect that the plan will backfire for Toqel, especially because she is warned to not underestimate her counterparts. But ultimately the good characterisations and Wardilmore’s usual engaging writing style make this one an early keeper in this tome.”

I can dig that.

Read the review here.

Thanks to Jens and the rest of the Unreality crew!


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