DVD Geekin’.

A couple of weeks ago, I had a chance to hang out with friend John Champion, he of DVD Geeks, a weekly TV, radio, and podcast show devoted to the latest releases on DVD and Blu-ray. Their focus tends to lean more toward the special features included with the films or television episodes rather than the feature presentations (though those get their due attention, of course). John and I met thanks to social media venues like Twitter and Facebook, as well as he and his lovely partner in crime, Mary Czerwinski (aka “the Televixen”) and Kevin and I having mutual friends in the form of the gang from Trekcast.

Whew. Get all that?

Anyway, Kevin and I managed to catch up with John and Mary at Comic-con last month, and one of the topics of discussion was our mutual love for Roger Corman movies. DVD Geeks had recently done a segment on their show about two Corman cult classics which had just come to legit DVD for the first time (Galaxy of Terror and Forbidden World). They were planning another such spotlight feature for the next two Corman flicks in the queue, Piranha and Humanoids from the Deep), which were due for release in the coming weeks, but I was able to buy them at the con directly from the Shout! Factory booth. Nootch.

Anyway, John asked me if I wanted to get in on the DVD Geeking Action(tm) for the show, and…being the shameless whore that I am…I happily said, “Oh, HELL yeah!”

The result? Some serious B-movie nerding out. Check out the carnage for yourself:

DVD Geeks – 08.02.10

Many thanks to John for having me on. I hope I didn’t dick up his show too badly, and that we might be able to do it all again some time. We both keep joking about a “Hal Needham” retrospective, which would involve us offering our fanboy insight into such cinema classics as Hooper, The Cannonball Run, Megaforce, and my personal favorite, Smokey and the Bandit.

That, or a deconstruction of the many layers of meaning to be found within that masterpiece of celluloid, Showgirls.

Yeah, that’d take a whole lot more vodka than I currently have on hand. That’s easily remedied, though.



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