A Bubba In Time Saves None!

Cover for Paths of Disharmony

No one knows what time it is!

That’s right when them boys took off with that time platform trying to save their hero NASCAR driving ace, Buddy Dewayne Brooster, they tore up all shit. Now a time wave is racing across the planet, plucking bubbas out of their time and slipping them and their arch enemies the yumbies, all over the place and all through time.

The writers have outdone themselves as bubbas have encounters with Egyptians, dinosaurs, cave men, and medieval knights and meet face-to-face such historical figures as Buffalo Bill, Robert E. Howard, and the King himselfElvis!

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and then you’ll just admit that you’re never going to get the money back that you paid for this book.

So, ya know what a “bubba” is? Know what the “apocalypse” is supposed to be? Now imagine that the end of the world comes in such a way that those off fishin’ or huntin’ — or whatever — aren’t affected. Begin to get the idea?

When “Yuppie 25” either wipes out or “zombifies” everyone in the world except the “bubbas”, things take on several interesting twists. Read about good ole boys fighting yuppie zombies, aliens, and those French cheeses that end in that funny “” — among things too awful to mention here.

In “One Small Step For Bubba,” Ernie Bell and the Stewart brothers are lamenting the loss of their pal, Jack Hostler, who disappeared into that weird-ass box. They’re at the local strip joint when an odd storm appears out of nowhere, but it’s what happens after the storm disappears that things really start to get goofy. Where…when…the hell are they?

Order it directly from Yard Dog Press!

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