More original series Trek stories? Yes, please. Always.

So, I’m reading message boards this morning, and I come across a discussion started by someone commenting that they didn’t want to see any more stories with the original Star Trek characters. He’d done some thinking, and figured that this one group of people had encountered far too many adventures to be credible. It wasn’t realistic, apparently. To make it more interesting, he was referring only to the original series’ 79 episodes, and not even the subsequent animated series and movies, to say nothing about the novels, short stories, comics, and what-have-you produced in the nearly 45 years which have elapsed since audiences first heard those now-immortal words, “Space…the final frontier.”

I’ll admit that I used to wonder every so often how Kirk and company ever got any sleep. If you were to chronologically order all of the adventures featuring them over the years, it probably comes out to them encountering an alien planet, ship, or other threat about once every six or seven minutes, give or take. Yeah, that’s more than a tad unrealistic.

Then, I remembered one key, salient point: Kirk and the gang? Um, they’re not real.

I’ve been reading Superman and Batman stories my entire life, and both of those boys were cranking out adventures decades before I was born. I also dig my fair share of James Bond tales, and he’s been rockin’ the spy thing since before I showed up, too. Ditto Tarzan, Sherlock Holmes, the Phantom, and so on. Guess what? I still like a well-executed story with any of those characters. Hell, there are any number of characters who’ve been doing their respective things in book/other form for decades and for which I have little or no interest, but I know they’ve got their fans. Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys? Tom Swift? Mike Hammer, Nick Carter, or Spenser? Even “men’s adventure” heroes like Remo Williams and Mack Bolan still draw fans after decades of stories, and new Bolan adventures continue to be published at a regular (and rapid) pace.

A good story is a good story. If it’s a bad story, then it’s one I’ll likely never revisit again, so no problem there. That still leaves a lot of good ones, and if they feature characters you’ve long ago grown to love, then so much the better. For me, that goes double for Kirk and his merry Enterprise band. I can’t ever imagine myself saying something like, “Please, no more stories with these characters. There are too many.” If I have my way, I’ll be reading a good original series-era tale while being wheeled into the dining facility at the retirement home.

Besides, I figure at that age, I’ll be in the bathroom a lot, and I’ll need something interesting to help pass the time.


6 thoughts on “More original series Trek stories? Yes, please. Always.

  1. For years after The Original Series ended, I had a recurring dream that a previously unaired episode had been discovered. Years.

    Too many TOS stories? Are you kidding?


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