Annoying friends and strangers alike, 140 bytes at a time.

  • 07:41 Listen up, wannabe “news” sites of every flavor: If your site forces pop-ups in order to read your content, your shit’s not worth reading. #
  • 07:41 Well, I see somebody left the door open and let Monday in. Again. #
  • 07:57 MY EYES!!!!! RT @PeopleofWalmart Seymore Butts… #
  • 09:12 Dear Sprint telemarketer: I’ll set my house on fire & use the ensuing blaze to communicate via smoke signal before I buy a Sprint phone. #
  • 09:46 Response via e-Mail to my TWC problems last night: “That shouldn’t be happening.” Well, no kidding, Mannix. Thanks for the insight. #
  • 12:27 Fence company wants $170 to come out and see what’s wrong with my fence. “It’s broken. That’s why I’m calling you. Fix it, and I’ll pay.” #
  • 12:32 @tokyorca You have no idea the sights I’ve seen, the scars I carry, or the horrors that still lurk in my mind. And that’s just the mall. #
  • 13:32 Anti-gay rights CA state senator comes out as gay. Wow. No kidding. The suspense was killing me. #
  • 14:29 @smxp “Why anti-Sprint?” – We have a history. A long, tumultuous history that once involved my employment with them, yet now doesn’t. :) #
  • 14:30 There’s a joke here somewhere RT @TrekMovie Voyager’s Garret Wang is now in charge of the Trek Track at Dragon*Con #

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Freelance word pusher. Husband. Dad. Trekkie. Rush fan (the band). Tampa Bay Bucs fan. Observer/derider of human behavior. I know where my towel is.
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