Mythbusters to tackle Kirk’s bamboo cannon!

Back in July, it was reported that the Discovery Channel’s Mythbusters – the popular program devoted to testing and busting urban legends, old wives’ tales, hoaxes, and so on – was going to take on the challenge of making a cannon from bamboo and the raw ingredients to create crude gun powder. Of course, Trek fans know this is possible, because they watched Captain James T. Frikkin’ Kirk himself do that very thing in the original Star Trek episode “Arena.”

(You can read‘s report about the show’s plans right here.)

Earlier this week on Twitter, Mythbusters team member Grant Imahara reported that the episode featuring this project has been set to air on Monday, December 28th:


@grantimahara Confirmed! The #GornCannon episode is going to air Monday, 12/28/09. And I will be live tweeting thru the @Mythbusters acct…
3:03 PM Dec 13th from web


Trekkies, set your DVRs!

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