Oh. My. God.

So, I’m toolin’ around the TrekBBS this evening, and I happen across a thread where folks are trying to turn Star Trek episode titles into something you’d hear as the title of a porn flick.

Say what you will….I thought of five or six examples just in the time it took you to read that first sentence.

Anyway, one of the posters in the thread reminds the others that the subject was covered rather well in a previous thread from some time ago. Then a link is provided to what at first seems like an innocuous dialogue, titled “How to have fun with Spock’s Brain.” Then, one superhuman poster, who goes by the name “payndz201” on TrekBBS (actually author Andy McDermott), took things to a whole new level. The result? A photonovel-esque journey through the classic Star Trek episode “Spock’s Brain.”

Yeah, you read it right. The rest of the pics pretty much take that ball — so to speak — and run with it. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

Lay it on me.

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