#laststand, by @daytonward

So, I decided to try an experiment this Halloween.

Tomorrow night, starting sometime after 6pm Central time (about the time I assume my post as CandyGuy at our front door), I’m going to start “live tweeting” over on Twitter. One tweet at a time, I’ll present a flash fiction story I wrote back in 2007 called “Last Stand.” It was a story I originally wrote as a favor to friend and fellow writer Christopher Pimental (chrispimental) for his e-Zine Thug Works and its Halloween-themed issue.

I’d been thinking of posting a “Twitter-fied” story of some sort for a while, and a month or so ago, as Halloween 2009 began looming on the horizon, I decided that was a good time to try something. Thug Works unfortunately has passed on into the aether, taking with it “Last Stand” and all the other, better fiction that once called the zine home. With the story appearing nowhere else — at least, not so far as I’ve been able to determine — I figured it might be the right vehicle for test-driving this sort of thing. It’s short (850 words originally, but I pumped it up to just over 1,000 while reformatting it and tweaking it for Twitter), is told in first person (perfect for Tweeting), and it’s got foul language, violence, and zombies.

Trick or treat, yo.

Anyway, tomorrow night, you can follow me (@daytonward) on Twitter, and/or the “#laststand” hashtag, to watch “Last Stand” unfold in all its Twitterific glory. For those of you with lives and/or better things to do, I’ll likely post a transcript at some point in the coming days.

Hope to see you there!

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