Eagles 33 – Bucs 14.

The definition of “ass kicking,” as listed at UrbanDictionary.com:

ass kicking:

  1. To be beaten senseless because you God damn definitely deserve it.

    Not to be confused with kick-ass, shit-kicking, ass kissing or getting the shit kicked out of you.

    “We were having a kick-ass good time shootin’ the shit and kickin’ the shit out of this guy who needed an ass kicking. So kiss my ass.”

  2. What the Eagles did to the Bucs on this day.

Oh my holy God, what the hell has happened to my Bucs?

I recall past Bucs-Eagles meetings. One in particular is especially inspiring, that being the NFC Championship game in early 2003. The Bucs were victorious, their win sending them to their first (and only) Super Bowl, which they also won. In that game, as with the Super Bowl itself, the Bucs won largely on the strength of their once-feared defense.

That was then, this is now, and now SUCKS DONKEY BALLS.

There were moments of hope today – fleeting though they might have been – from the often-anemic offense, but with the defense getting faked out of their jocks or simply being outplayed on far too many plays, it was too much to hope that the Bucs could close the gap once the Eagles started scoring pretty much at will. The run game was all but nonexistent, and quarterback Josh Johnson is still struggling with the concept of Throwing The Ball Only To Guys Wearing The Same Color Jersey.

It was just plain ugly all around. A couple more of these, and they’re going to pull the creamsicle uniforms from storage. I can just hear the Ghost of John McKay as he watches from the cheap seats:

“Coach, what do you think of your offense’s execution?”

“I’m in favor of it.”

Don’t get me wrong: I still love my Pirates in Pewter, but they sure as hell don’t make it easy.

The worst part? The Tampa Breeze don’t play until December.

Lay it on me.

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