Unreality SF presents: The Media Tie-in Story of 2008.

As reported by Unreality SF, the snazzy little news and info site with a focus on media tie-in fiction, David Mack (infinitydog) has earned top honors for the first installment of his Star Trek: Destiny trilogy, Gods of Night. Congrats to Dave!

As for our 4400 novel, Wet Work, it ended up placing sixth. Considering how frikkin’ shocked I was that the book made the list of finalists in the first place, I was going to be happy no matter where it landed in the ultimate ranking.

It was a strong field of contenders, featuring several friends of mine, and we therefore found ourselves in mighty fine company. Many thanks to Unreality SF for hosting the poll, to all who voted to get Wet Work nominated at all, and then voted again once the final list was announced. It was quite the pleasant surprise, and is very much appreciated.

Who knows? Maybe we’ll be back in the hunt next time.


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