On this episode of Ghost Hunters…..

….Dayton and Michi follow a team of KC-based paranormal investigators, and hijinks ensue.

As it turns out, my wife happens to work with a guy who’s a paranormal investigator. In 2007, he formed an official not-for-profit venture, The 10th Demension, and he and his fellow team members investigate reports of paranormal activity, much like the TAPS gang from Ghost Hunters. Indeed, they had cameras set up throughout the building chosen for the evening’s investigation — which apparently has a long history of odd or unexplained events taking place within its confines — and after a short briefing we were soon wandering the interior of the decades-old with cameras, digital recorders hoping to catch an instance of Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP), electromagnetic pulse (EMP) detectors, “K2” meters, and so on.

The team, consisting of my wife’s friend, his wife and son and the son’s girlfriend, and a couple of associates, were quite patient with us rookies, showing us how to use the equipment, offering up juicy stories and anecdotes of personal experiences or other encounters on past investigations, the history of the building we were in and the paranormal shenanigans known to take place there, and so on. My wife is an absolute freak for Ghost Hunters, so for her this is like me sitting on the bridge of the Enterprise. I’m a hard-core skeptic, but it was still fun to hang with this group and watch them do their thing. Neither of us encountered anything we’d call “paranormal,” though a couple of others in our group mentioned odd feelings, hearing noises they couldn’t explain, and so on. We snapped a lot of pictures, including some where — I’ll be honest — there’s something odd in the image, but I haven’t had a chance to load them to my computer and look at them full-size.

Would I do it again? With this group? Yep. They’re fun to hang out with, and they approach this from a viewpoint like the TAPS crew: Debunk until you can’t debunk anymore, then take the next, harder look, and so on.

Lay it on me.

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