The Last World War…will continue!

I’ve been sitting on this all weekend, waiting for the go-ahead to say something. I thought I was gonna rupture an organ or something, so my editor finally showed me some mercy.

I received word from Pocket Books on Friday that they were interested in pursuing a sequel to The Last World War, which as many faithful readers know has been an on-again, off-again pipe dream for the last few years. Every time I thought we were cooking, circumstances would shift and we’d be back to Square One.

Well, it’s real this time. They extended an offer, and I accepted. Contracts are forthcoming. A publication date has not yet been set, but it’s being figured out now. It’s possible, depending on scheduling with respect to other stuff I’m working on or about to work on, that this may move to the head of my “To Do List.” More on this as the situation develops.

Anyway, it looks like we’re off to the races. Counterstrike: The Last World War – Book II, as I’m currently calling it (and which likely will change), will happen.

For those fans of the original book, who kept after me to write a sequel and who remained patient and supportive throughout the long journey it took to get here, I offer my sincere and undying gratitude. In addition to the wonderful lady who went to bat for me and who will be my editor on this project (who has not yet consented to be named here, so I’m playing it safe for the moment), I’m also grateful to editor Marco Palmieri, who remained my champion at Pocket Books and made sure the higher-ups didn’t forget about me or the original book. I cannot wait to get started on this, and I’m obviously hoping everybody will find it worth the wait.

So, hang out, enjoy the chips and dip, and chat amongst yourselves. I’ve apparently got an assload more work to do all of a sudden.

Lay it on me.

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