February writing wrap-up.

It was a short month, during which I felt like I was busy all the time, but at the end of which I can’t really point to a whole lot of accomplishments. Oh, well, March is looking to be quite active….

Captain Proton articles for Star Trek Magazine – Written to tie into the magazine’s special Star Trek: Voyager coverage for issue #16 US/#146 UK. One piece is a fictional history of Captain Proton as an entertainment icon, as though he might have existed alongside Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers (Wait…he didn’t? The hell you say!). The other piece is a complete episode guide to the three Captain Proton movie serials from the 1940s; possibly even Tom Paris’s inspiration for the Proton holodeck program! The issue started hitting stores around Valentines Day or so. Did anybody read it?

Things Fall Apart – for the forthcoming trade paperback reprint of the 6-part Star Trek: Mere Anarchy e-Book mini-series. The book us due out later this month. You’ve pre-ordered three or four copies, right?

Open Secrets – The fourth Star Trek: Vanguard book. I returned my fixes/changes to the first-pass pages to my editor on January 19th. The next time I see the thing, it’ll be a real book! It’s still on track for publication in May.

Full-Throttle Space Tales #3: Space Grunts – Anthology editing project. I was approached earlier this year by Flying Pen Press, a small-press publisher based in Denver, about editing this anthology for them, which carries a general theme of “space soldiers/space Marines”/etc.; I finished prepping the submissions for delivery to the publisher and sent it on January 2nd. I’m still waiting to hear from the good folk at Flying Pen as to whether they like it, after which I hope to be issuing contracts to all of the contributors. I also hope to be able to post a list of those contributors and story titles soon. Assuming it passes muster with the FPP higher-ups, a new story I wrote, “A Fresh Perspective” (formerly “Contact Lost”) will also appear in the book.

“Pride” – novella for the forthcoming Star Trek: Seven Deadly Sins anthology – We turned in our completed manuscript on February 27th, and we’re now awaiting editorial feedback. The book’s currently scheduled for publication in March 2010.

Article for Star Trek Magazine – Had a couple of quickie e-Mail exchanges with my editor, but this one is still very nebulous. We’re supposed to start talking about this soon, probably some time this week.

“Stayin’ In Vegas, Part VII” – Sent this on February 17th to friend/writer/editor Christopher Pimental, who’s going to include it in his next issue of Bad Things. The first issue went live on January 15th, and you can read the first six parts of this serial there. The plan is to keep feeding him new material as I fit it in with the other projects on my plate, which hopefully will coincide with when he needs new material for future Bad Things updates. It’s too much fun not to do it, as well as being a nice departure from the stuff I normally write.

Tie-in project – I’ve been given a deadline of March 11th or so to turn this in to the editor, after which we’ll see what we’ll see. I have a stack of research material to wade through as I put this one together.

Vampire novel(?) – I started screwing around with this idea a couple of weeks ago, as I wrote about here. It’s being tabled for now as I work on the stuff with actual deadlines, but it’s still lurking in the back of my mind. Son of a bitch.

Counterstrike: The Last World War, Book II – You may or may not have read about my little adventure with the original LWW book back on January 10th, but all is not lost with respect to any potential sequel. I’ve been invited anew to submit the outline/proposal for Book II, so I’m taking some time to dust it off and tweak it here and there before I send it in. No guarantees, of course, but I’ll obviously keep you posted.

Young Adult SF book/possible series with Kevin – No idea yet when Kevin and I might might push forward with this. I dusted it off the other day for kicks, and made some notes where it could use a good tweaking here and there. Maybe we’ll put it in front of somebody later this year.

And, as always, there are a few other things in the offing, in various stages of gestation/discussion, which I can’t talk about just yet. More on those if/when it’s appropriate.

One last thing before I close out: I met Kevin for lunch today, and he brought with him a brand-spankin’ new copy of the book he co-created for Hallmark with artist Tom Patrick, SuperDad and His Daring Dadventures, a giftbook for kids to give their dads for Father’s Day. The comic art is awesome, and you can tell that Tom is a major geeky fan of the influence the 1940s Fleischer Superman cartoons. The stories are fun bits that could only come from a dad like Kevin. Look for this in your local Hallmark store(s) starting in May or so!

Lay it on me.

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