More Vegas, baby.

Just this evening, I sent friend and writer Chris Pimental the seventh installment of "Stayin’ In Vegas," the serial I’m writing 700 words at a crack, flashfic style, for his Bad Things "pulpazine." The site is chock-full of hard-boiled/noir/hard crime stories, which went live back on January 15th. He’s prepping the second issue as I write this, and shouted at me to get off my ass.

The first six installments are currently available for perusing right here.

I’ve actually had Part 7 for a while now, but I’ve purposely held off on taking the story any further. My self-imposed rules for this exercise are that I wouldn’t outline, and that I would write each installment based on where I left things with the previous piece. No going back and changing stuff in earlier installments, nothing. Whatever card(s) I deal myself, that’s what I have to live with. It’s fun sitting down cold each time, and figuring out where to take things next.

Thanks as always to Chris for giving me a venue. Most of the stuff you’ll read at the site is pretty hard core with respect to language and subject matter. So, if you don’t think it’ll be your thing…you’re probably right :D.


Lay it on me.

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