The Last World War…not done yet?

Well, this was a bit of an interesting week for The Last World War.

First, the “bad” news: I got word earlier this week that a planned trade paperback re-issue of the original novel has been removed from Pocket Books’ schedule. It was slated for an April 2010 release, at least according to an e-Mail I received just before the end of the year. The notion at the time was that since bookstores seemed to like trade paperbacks, it would be a way to re-introduce the book and perhaps — if sales were good — pave the way for finally green-lighting the long-planned follow-up book. However, I got a call this week that the project wasn’t going forward…yet another casualty of the current economy.

Now, “bad” remains in quotes because the re-issue wasn’t pulled due to anything against the book itself. According to everything I’ve been told (and what I’ve read on my royalty statements), the original mass-market paperback continues to sell in decent-enough numbers, and indeed a seventh printing occurred at the end of October. Those who make such decisions rightly observed that it made no sense to issue a new edition if the original version is still doing its job. Can’t say I disagree with them.

Now, the good news: When I asked about the potential for the follow-up, my new contact on this project at Pocket asked to see the outline, which has been languishing on my hard drive for a while now. No promises made, of course, but at least things are moving again! So, I pulled up the file earlier today and have been making assorted tweaks and whatnot as I get time in and around the other stuff I’m doing. I’m hoping to have it winging its way to Pocket early this coming week.

So, that’s where we are. Once more unto the breach, and all that….

Lay it on me.

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