Writing update for October.

October 2008: Thank God you’re over.

The 4400: Wet Work – The book’s started showing up in various places, and the copies I ordered from Amazon arrived this past week. If you’re looking for a headstart on holiday shopping, these make great stocking stuffers. Just sayin’.

“Ill Winds” – for the Star Trek: Mirror Universe – Shards and Shadows anthology. We returned our final corrections to our editor on September 11th. The book’s still slated for a January 2009 publication date.

Captain Proton articles for Star Trek Magazine – Written to tie into the magazine’s special Star Trek: Voyager coverage for issue #16 US/#146 UK. Turned these in on October 24th. The pieces are written from “inside the box,” so hopefully they’ll be received the way I anticipated when I pitched the ideas and…you know…wrote ’em.

Things Fall Apart – for the forthcoming trade paperback reprint of the 6-part Star Trek: Mere Anarchy e-Book mini-series. We were informed on September 29th that we would be receiving pages to review for the new edition, and we returned our final corrections to the editor On October 6th.

Full-Throttle Space Tales #3: Space Grunts – Anthology editing project. I was approached earlier this year by Flying Pen Press, a small-press publisher based in Denver, about editing this anthology for them, which carries a general theme of “space soldiers/space Marines/etc.” A lengthy list of potential contributors was assembled and invitations sent, and September 30th marked the official closing of the submission window. The response to the invitation went well beyond my expectations, and early indications are that the competition for slots in the table of contents will be fierce. This is my next project, after I take a couple of days to recharge after turning in Open Secrets. I’m supposed to have a final selection of contributors ready by the first week of December. I’ll be sure to provide updates as appropriate. More on this as the project moves forward, including probable ramblings and whatnot as I receive my trial by fire as an anthology editor. Stay tuned.

“Contact Lost” – Original SF short story I wrote originally for the kick, after being inspired for some banner artwork a friend of Kevin’s rendered for us (see my website). I wasn’t sure what I might do with this, but then I opted to submit it to the Big Editor In Charge at Flying Pen Press, and let him decide if it was good enough to include in the aforementioned Space Grunts anthology. That said, I’ve already decided that if I’m able to select the max number of stories for the antho from the submissions I’ve received, I’m not putting my own story in the book.

Open Secrets – The fourth Star Trek: Vanguard book. Delivered the first draft on October 31st. Editor-san is reading it now, and I expect we’ll be talking about it in the coming days.

“Pride” – novella for the forthcoming Star Trek: Seven Deadly Sins anthology – We’ve been given a due date of just after the new year for handing in a manuscript (though we should be able to get it done earlier, if the remnants of my master scheduling plan work out). Publication is slated for late next summer.

Audio Drama script – I’m putting this on here because I want to do it, and listing it here makes me accountable (sorta kinda…work with me). It would be for a competition currently being sponsored by The Chronic Rift the new, 21st century podcast version of a public access show from back in the early 90s and featuring, among other fine folks, drewshi, kradical, and popfiend. All of the original players are back, and they’ve recently released their second episode. Anyway, they’re putting on an audio drama script competition, with the winner to receive a cash prize and have the script performed by the CR crew. I’ve got a notion brewing, so we’ll have to see what happens.

“Stayin’ In Vegas, Part VI and Part VII” – Sent these to DZ Allen at Muzzle Flash on July 4th and August 29th, respectively. However, now that Muzzle Flash has been retired, I have no idea what to do with these, or indeed the entire story. Well, that’s not true, as I started thinking about ways to expand the general premise into a longer form, but after that? Who knows?

Young Adult SF book/possible series with Kevin – Bubba came back inspired after attending a local writing conference, just brimming with ideas about this notion he had for a book (possibly a series!) he wanted to pitch to a YA editor. Apparently, said editor at said conference liked his initial 60-second quick pitch, and told him she would definitely look at a more formal proposal for the premise, an outline, sample chapters, etc. Based on our brainstorming sessions, I worked up a first draft of an outline and fired it to him on March 16th, and I’m still waiting to hear back from him (other stuff has moved to the top of the stack, of course). No idea yet when we might push forward with this.

“The Enterprise Job” – A goofy-assed short story I wrote, based on an idea that’s been rattling around in my head for a couple of years. Not a Star Trek story like you might think, it is however Star Trek-related. TV Guide version: Hilarity ensues when four overaged fanboys hatch a plot to steal the original Enterprise model from the Air and Space Museum in D.C. I wrote it for the laugh, and honestly have no idea what to do with this freakin’ thing. Gave it to another beta reader to get some fresh perspective and he gave me some interesting notes to work with. I’m going to have to ponder how best to incorporate his suggestions, but I think it’ll result in a better story. After that, well…I still have my same problem….

Counterstrike: The Last World War, Book II – Proposal is with a publisher, but it’s still in limbo. However, I’ve checked its pulse, and it’s still there.

Tie-in project with Kevin – We were contacted with regards to this project late last month, and I have a stack of research material to wade through as we try to figure out how/what to pitch so far as ideas to the editor. No firm timeline’s been given to us yet on this one, but I expect we’d need to have an outline produced before the end of the year.

There also are other things in various stages of gestation which I can’t talk about just yet.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I promised myself a well-deserved coma….

Lay it on me.

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