The Best of the Bubbas of the Apocalypse

Cover for Paths of Disharmony
Mixing science fiction with redneck humor, The Best of the Bubbas of the Apocalypse is like a tractor pull at NASA’s control center. It’s a unique marriage of high tech and lowbrow. The Best of the Bubbas is a wedding where the bridesmaids are strippers, the wedding gifts are beer and processed foods, the bride’s veil is made of window screen and, of course, the reception would be held at a place like Area 51 and the government would try to keep things under wraps.

Fortunately, you just can’t keep stories like “The Quest for the Holy Grill” or “Trailer Park Vampire Meets the Bubba Yumbie” on the hush because fans of the four previous Bubbas books have been more vocal than Jerry Springer’s television audience.

Since we couldn’t take the chanting, we’ve hand-plucked 20 of the best stories from the four previous Bubbas anthologies and put them into one book. Whether you’ve read through the entire Bubba’s catalog or you want to start with the “greatest hits,” The Best of the Bubbas is a wild ride, and you’ll want to grab a front-row seat.

Enter a world where Elvis is a deity and NASCAR is high-class TV viewin’ – and no, I don’t mean Memphis! Before My Name Is Earl and The Blue Collar Comedy Tour, there were the Bubbas. The Best of the Bubbas of the Apocalypse will change your life…or something.

So, ya know what a “bubba” is? Know what the “apocalypse” is supposed to be? Now imagine that the end of the world comes in such a way that those off fishin or huntin — or whatever — arent affected. Begin to get the idea?

When “Yuppie 25” either wipes out or “zombifies” everyone in the world except the “bubbas”, things take on several interesting twists. Read about good ole boys fighting yuppie zombies, aliens, and those French cheeses that end in that funny “” — among things too awful to mention here.

In “Jack and the Weird-Ass Box,” good ol ‘boy Jack Hostler and his buddies stumble across a mysterious box just sittin’ in the middle of the road while they’re dodging zombies on their way to the local strip club. Hilarity ensues as the box’s true purpose is revealed….

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