Rush in KC!

With our good friends Gail and Gregg LaRock volunteering to watch the munchkins for a few hours on Saturday evening, Michi and I set out with Kevin to attend the Rush concert at the Starlight Theater here in KC. Happy Birthday to me!

The place was packed, and the weather was perfect for an outdoor performance. They took the stage at about 7:45 or so, and played until close to 9 before taking their “halftime intermission.” Then they came back and played another 80 minutes or so, followed by a nice encore. The show kicked total ass. Though this is essentially a second leg of the same tour they did last year for their Snakes and Arrows CD, the set list was different than the show we saw last August. Still a lot of material from the new album, but plenty of oldies (pronounced “classics”) to round out the evening. You can do that kind of thing when you’ve got 18 albums of material, I suppose.

Naturally, we eagerly await the next concert tour, whenever that might be.


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