Berkeley: Some (small) measure of common sense.

Berkeley City Council moderates anti-Marine position. 

The money quote:

“Instead, the city is now simply stating it’s opposed to the war and the billions spent on it. However, “we recognize the recruiter’s right to locate in our city and the right of others to protest or support their presence,” the council said.”

You’re opposed to the war. Well, no shit. So is any sane person. 

You recognize the recruiter’s right. How very magnanimous of you. I think I liked the Council better when they just flat out said what they really felt. I can at least respect them for being honest, rather than for the frantic two-stepping that’s going on now.

The bullshit quote:

“The council also said it supports and respects the men and women of the armed forces.”

Well, except when nobody’s looking, that is.

Of course, my issue never was that they might hate the military; my problem was with their endorsement and aid toward other groups to take action beyond simple mouth-flapping. You know, such as not having the police take action when the idiots chained themselves to the office doors and prevented entry to/exit from the building by those exercising their rights. 

ETA: has their own story here. My favorite quote from it comes courtesy of a Code Pink member in regards to a ballot initiative aimed at removing or restricting recruiting efforts:

“We want voters to be able to decide … just like they have a say whether a liquor store or porn shop opens near a school.”

Yeah, this is a balanced argument.

Another favorite quote came from a Code Pink member in an earlier article: “I was under the impression that we have the right of free speech…To me, I thought free speech meant you get to say what you want without recrimination.” 

Yeah, well, only in your minds, maybe. As always seems to be the case when someone self-righteously wraps themselves in the Constitution as defense for their actions, they never manage to comprehend that the words on the parchment also apply to the people on the other side of their (often ill-considered) argument. That they also should apply to the very people who swear an oath to defend your right to be an idiot should go without saying.

Anyway, this half-assed measure was nowhere near what’s needed to make this whole stupid affair go away. Stay tuned; rest assured more’s coming before it’s all over.


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