End o’ September Writing Update

I totally forgot to do one of these last month. Things have been hectic with non-writing priorities, but there’s at least a few things worth reporting as we bid farewell to September and hit the Fall season head-on.

“Stayin’ In Vegas, Part II” – a flash fiction piece I wrote for DZ Allen’s Muzzle Flash. It went live on the site on September 15th, and you can read it for free by clicking on the provided link. Part I of what seems to be turning into an ongoing serial will also be printed in the forthcoming third issue of Out of the Gutter on November 1st. As for the serial itself, Part III is in the Muzzle Flash editor’s hands for when he decides he’s ready to post it to the site.

“Acts of Compassion” – The short story Kevin and I wrote for The Sky’s the Limit, the forthcoming anthology from Pocket Books that will be part of the celebration of Star Trek: The Next Generation‘s 20th anniversary. We’ve received an advance copy of the anthology, so the book should be hitting shelves any time now!

Fourth article for Star Trek Magazine – Another TNG-related piece, this time as part of an in-depth look at the second season episode “The Measure of A Man.” submitted our final version of the piece July 31st, which is currently slated to appear in all variants of the magazine (US #8, UK #135, etc.), which goes on sale the last week in October.

Fifth article for Star Trek Magazine – A piece that’s somewhat larger in scope, and currently scheduled to appear in the January/February 2008 issue (US #9, UK #136). As of this writing, we’re putting our finishing touches to the article and getting ready to send it to the editor on October 1st.

Tie-in project with Kevin – Our outline was approved on September 11th and we were given a November 15th deadline for turning in the manuscript. Not sure we can say anything specific about this just yet, so stay tuned for details!

Tie-in project with Kevin – Our revised outline for this was approved on September 14th, and our deadline for delivering a manuscript is January 22nd, 2008. We’ve not yet been given clearance to publicly discuss this project, either, so more info when it’s appropriate.

“Stop Loss” – A horror short story I originally sold to DownInTheCellar.com. It went live on their site on June 1st as part of the zine’s summer issue, and you can read it for free by clicking on this linky-type thing right here. Well Told Tales as also licensed the rights to produce an audio podcast presentation of the story, and I’m told it will go live on their site on October 1st. Be sure to check it out!

Where Time Stands Still – This originally was an e-Book novella we wrote for the monthly Star Trek: S.C.E. series, published in September 2004. It’s being collected into the next Corps of Engineers omnibus, Creative Couplings, which will be published in trade paperback format in December, so editor Keith DeCandido sent out galley pages to the various contributing authors. We received our pages around June 12th or so and returned our final corrections on June 21st.

“Breaking the Case” – I sent this to an open-call anthology back in June and they passed on it, so I tweaked it a bit and then sent it out again on September 3rd. At this point, I’m still waiting to hear back from the editor.

“Personal Foul” – another piece I wrote for DZ Allen’s Muzzle Flash, pretty much for the hell of it. No word yet on whether it’s been accepted or when it might be posted to the site.

“Knockin’ On My Door” – another flash piece, this one a horror story. I received an invite to submit to an e-Zine by its editor, and I’ve enjoyed the stuff they’re doing enough to give the notion some thought and come up with an idea I think will work for the guidelines (the zine’s next issue will be Halloween-themed). Due date for submissions is 10/15. I’m actually planning to pound it out this evening, if things go according to plan. (HAH!)

Vanguard Book 4 – We submitted the novel outline to editor Marco Palmieri on February 1st and we’ve received some preliminary notes. We had a nice discussion about the project at Shore Leave, and we’ll no doubt have one more once Marco gets back to us with notes on the outline itself so that we can revise and finalize the pitch. The book’s been pushed back in the publishing schedule until (probably) the first quarter of 2009 (not because of anything we did or didn’t do….just one of those things that happens when there are other, larger publishing initiatives in motion.).

Tie-in project with Kevin – Editor has asked us to submit a proposal, which Kevin and I were working on until other priorities moved up in the queue. I think it’s going to take a Saturday afternoon with chicken wings to get it hammered out.

Tie-in project with Kevin – Received an invitation to pitch to this licensee after a great meeting with them at the New York Comic-Con. They’ve asked us to submit a couple of pitches for projects they have at various places in the pipeline, so Kevin and I put our heads together (as well as plunged into our vault of ideas we’ve not yet had a chance to use but think are pretty cool), and worked up a couple of 3-5 page ideas to fire at them on May 4th. Still waiting on editorial feedback.

“Don’t Bet What You Can’t Lose” – Original short story for an open-call anthology. I sent it to an open-call anthology on July 21st but it didn’t make the cut. It was written with that specifically-themed antho in mind, so I either need to find a market where it will fit, or re-tool it a bit to make it appeal to a broader selection of potential markets. It’s not a big priority at the moment, however, since we’re back on the clock with jobs that will actually – you know – get published. 🙂

“Contact Lost” – Original short story I wrote mostly for the kick. If you’ve been to my website lately, you’ve seen the super-cool artwork that graces the top of my main page as well as Kevin’s page. That art was provided by a friend of Kevin’s, Rich LaPierre, and we used it to create a pretty swank banner for when we do book signings and such (it’s actually two banners that can be hung together or separately, depending on whether we’re doing signings together or….uh, separately). Anyway, I got it in my head to write a story based on the artwork. The first draft is complete, but I still need to sit down and red-pen it. Also, I have no idea what I’ll do with it once I’m done with the revisions. I’ll figure something out one of these days.

“The Enterprise Job” – A goofy-assed short story I wrote, based on an idea that’s been rattling around in my head for months. Not a Star Trek story like you might think, it is however Star Trek-related. TV Guide version: Hilarity ensues when four overaged fanboys hatch a plot to steal the original Enterprise model from the Air and Space Museum in D.C. I wrote it for the laugh, and honestly have no idea what to do with this freakin’ thing, however, there may actually be some movement! More info if/when it’s appropriate!

Counterstrike: The Last World War, Book II – Proposal is with a publisher, but it’s still in limbo.

Tie-in project with Kevin – After four attempts at writing a proposal, Kevin and I finally decided our basic approach sucked. We’re going back to the drawing board and starting over from scratch, but it’s going to have to wait as we turn our attention to more immediate projects. The only time table on this one (at present) is us getting our heads and butts correctly wired before wasting an editor’s time with it.

Tie-in project with Kevin – Though we’ve not actually approached the editor of this fiction line, it’s something I’m interested in pursuing and so I’ve started mapping out a proposal to send. Working from the assumption that they’ll want to see sample chapters to demonstrate that we can work with the concept and characters of the property in question, I’ve also sketched out some stuff to write for those, but had to set it aside for the time being (just ain’t enough hours in the day, anymore). Yes, I know I’m being vague, but it’s necessary at this early stage. This one keeps getting pushed back as stuff with deadlines take priority.

Non-fiction/non-genre article (or series of articles) for local/regional magazine or newspaper – Still hanging in limbo. No market for it, so the fire’s not really there to write it at the moment.

Lay it on me.

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