stoploss-coverThink getting killed in the war zone means the fight’s over for you? Think again. Here’s one possible answer to the question of how those responsible for setting our military policy can find just one more way to screw over the men and women who’ve volunteered to serve and fight in an increasingly unpopular war.

The story was first published by the good folks at the webzine Down In The Cellar as part of their Summer 2007 issue. Later that year, the delightfully twisted gang at Well Told Tales opted to take a chance with the story and adapt it for audio presentation as a podcast. If you ask me, the actor they chose for the reading, Richard L. Richards, Jr., knocks it out of the park, so you be sure to go and give it a listen. Hey, it’s free, so what are you waiting for?

(EDIT: Down In the Cellar has been discontinued, or is on an indefinite hiatus. I’m honestly not sure what the deal is with them. “Stop-Loss” has since been republished in the anthology Zombiefied from Sky Warrior Books. The audio adaptation is also still available, thanks to WTT’s content being collected over at the Internet Archive.)


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