constellations-coverStar Trek

Since time immemorial, Man has imagined the night sky to be filled with stories: legends of heroes and strange life-forms amidst the very stars. Eternal tales of wonder and mystery, danger and adventure, passion and logic, hope and human nature, they comprise a mythos embedded in the universe itself…constant, enduring, and immutable.

Rediscover the mythology of our age on the occasion of its fortieth anniversary, in this scintillating collection of new stories about the original Star Trek — untold voyages of the captain and crew of the Starship Enterprise that not only recapture the magic of the world-renowned television series created by Gene Roddenberry, but push beyond it through the writings of:

Christopher L. Bennett * Jeff Bond * Dave Galanter * Allyn Gibson * Robert Greenberger * Jeffrey Lang * Kevin Lauderdale * William Leisner * Stuart Moore * Jill Sherwin *
Dayton Ward & Kevin Dilmore * Howard Weinstein

With an introduction by acclaimed science-fiction author David Gerrold, writer of the classic episode “The Trouble with Tribbles,” Constellations embarks on a journey into both yesterday and tomorrow…and ventures, in grand Star Trek tradition, to worlds beyond time and worlds beyond ken.

The story Kevin and I wrote for this anthology, “First, Do No Harm,” is very much a Kirk/Spock/McCoy tale, written in what we hope evokes the feel of the original series as depicted in the episodes we’ve all seen countless times over the last forty years. In writing this story, Kevin and I tried to put ourselves into the mindset of a writer on the show itself, faced with developing an episode within the budget and technical realities experienced by the series’ creative staff in the 1960s.

You’ll have to decide whether we succeeded.

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