The Genesis Protocol

genesisprotocol-cover“…before the trees of knowledge in their synthetic garden bear their strange fruit, the gardeners should heed the lessons of history.” – The New York Times

Science has deciphered the code of life; the power of creation has fallen into human’s hands….

Deep in the Utah desert lies the EDN project, a man-made ecosystem built at government direction and inhabited by an intricate array of bizarre, artificially designed lifeforms unlike anything that has ever walked the earth.

“New Eden” is supposed to be under total scientific control, from the bizarre, outlandish animal life created by EDN scientists to the otherworldy and even toxic environment of the artificial forest itself. But when a team of researchers goes missing deep inside the highly toxic environment, a small Marine unit must be sent in to rescue the trapped scientists and confront the terrors mankind released by following…


As a Force Recon Marine with hard-won combat experience in numerous hot spots around the world, Gunnery Sergeant Donovan Hassler thought he and his team had seen it all. But none of the dangers they had faced prepared them for what he and his comrades in arms find when they venture into the unique, forboding region that is New Eden to rescue the lovely Dr. Elizabeth Christopher and her team of scientists. To survive, Hassler and his squad must come face to face with the nightmarish results of ungodly science run amok.

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Alternative Worlds

Read an Interview with me, conducted by columnist/reviewer Kilian Melloy


An advertisement for the book, as published in the Weekly World News.

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Be sure to read The Deleted Scene!

7 thoughts on “The Genesis Protocol

  1. Absolutely LOVED this book! One problem thought: I need a digital copy for my kindle for the six month deployment I leave for at the end of this month and nobody has an ebook copy anywhere!


  2. Thanks very much! You are too kind. Glad you liked it!

    Sadly, there were never any e-Book versions of any of the Phobos titles, and now the company is in limbo so there’s not a lot I can do about it at the moment. This book was written as a “work for hire” contract, so I don’t own the copyright to it. I need to touch base with the editor, as he knows I’d like to do something else with this concept. Maybe he’ll know something about e-Book versions.

    And thank you for your service. Which branch?


  3. Was curious if there ever would be sequels to this as I could see(especially in light of a certain film series) as I would love to have seen EDN get a little more wild.

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