The Last World War

lww-coverIt started small, with an unprepared band of Marine reservists encountering deadly extraterrestrial visitors in the backwoods of Missouri. But this fatal First Contact rapidly escalates into a global crisis as mankind discovers that two warring species of aliens have invaded our world through a network of hidden interdimensional portals. The apocalyptic conflict between the Blues and the Grays has already devastated their own planet. Now Earth has become the final battleground in a cataclysmic war whose origins we barely understand.

Forced into a hasty alliance with the alien Blues, humanity has no choice but to brave the awesome Gray onslaught in every corner of the Earth. From the mean streets of Atlanta to the mountains of Afghanistan, from Washington D.C. to the alien’s war-torn homeworld, all of humanity must battle to survive…

From Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens:

The Last World War is the first word in fast-paced cross-genre storytelling, with real American fighting men and women facing an imaginative enemy from another world. Dayton Ward writes with such style and assurance about a military response to extraterrestrial invasion, we have to wonder if somewhere in the Pentagon’s basement there’s a classified war scenario that somehow found its way to his desk.”

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