Foundations, Book Two

foundations-2-coverStar Trek: S.C.E. #18

Continuing an all-new trilogy that tells the origin of the Starfleet Corps of Engineers!

While the U.S.S. da Vinci has managed to stop a ship that was careening out of control, they still have work to be done: the vessel’s computer has broken down and the ship cannot function without it. This echoes the early days of the S.C.E.

Over a century before the days of the da Vinci, the Starship Enterprise encountered and deactivated a world-running computer called Landru on Beta III. In the aftermath of the incident, a team of engineers led by Montgomery Scott are tasked with getting Beta III back on its feet. But even in “death,” Landru’s influence can still be felt.

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About Dayton Ward

New York Times bestselling word pusher. Husband. Dad. Trekkie. Rush fan (the band). Tampa Bay Bucs fan. Observer/derider of human behavior. Immortal for a limited time.
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