“The Aliens Are Coming!”

aliens_cover1969: Captain John Christopher of the U.S. Air Force has just returned from a most peculiar mission to investigate a UFO sighting. But even though the mission took only a few minutes, the captain has vague memory flashes of futuristic humans, a pointed-eared alien named Spock, and a ship called the U.S.S. Enterprise

Government agent James Wainwright has waited for this fateful day ever since he encountered the conquering Ferengi Marauders Quark, Rom, and Nog in Roswell in 1947. Now he will stop at nothing to use Captain Christopher’s secret knowledge to bring his campaign to defend Earth against alien attack to the forefront once again!

Originally published in Strange New Worlds III in 2000, Greg Cox saw fit to give this story a passing reference in the second volume of his Trek novel opus, The Eugenics Wars: The Rise and Fall of Khan Noonien Singh. John Ordover at Pocket Books then took it upon himself to pull this tale out of the anthology and rechristen it as an “Untold Story from the Eugenics Wars,” offering it extended life as a standalone e-Title.

Amazon Kindle e-Book
NOOKbook from Barnes & Noble
Adobe e-Book from Simon & Schuster

EDIT: In August 2013, Pocket Books published my Star Trek novel From History’s Shadow, which in a lot of ways is a book-length setup for the events of this story. As part of writing that novel, I incorporated the scenes from this story into the narrative. This involved tweaking how certain bits and pieces played out, and the result now serves as something of a “definitive version” of this story.

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