Star Trek: Strange New Worlds II

snw2-coverBack by popular demand! Our second anthology featuring original Star Trek, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and Star Trek: Voyager stories written by Star Trek fans, for Star Trek fans!

Our first Strange New Worlds competition drew thousands of submissions and Strange New Worlds II drew even more. From this mountain of astounding stories, these few, written exclusively by brand-new authors, were selected for their originality and style.

These tales rocket across the length and breadth of Federation time and space, from when Captain Kirk explored the galaxy on the first Starship Enterprise, through Captain Picard’s U.S.S. Enterprise 1701-D and from Captain Sisko’s Deep Space Nine to Captain Janeway’s Starship Voyager, with many fascinating stops along the way.

Find out what happens in the Star Trek universe when fans — like you — take the helm!

This all-new volume contains stories by: Ilsa J. Bick, Brad Curry, Melissa Dickinson, Lynda Martinez Foley, William Leisner, Dustan Moon, Kathy Oltion, Michael S. Poteet, Ken Rand, J.R. Rasmussen, Steven Scott Ripley, Peg Robinson, E. Cristy Ruteshouser, Kim Sheard, Charles Skaggs, Franklin Thatcher, Dayton Ward and Christina F. York.

Yet another Sign of the Approaching Apocalypse was revealed when, in May of 1999, the second Strange New Worlds anthology was published, including my second pro story, “Almost…But Not Quite.” In this story, Temporal Investigations agents Dulmer and Lucsly manage to stumble into the events of the Star Trek: Voyager episode “Future’s End” and lend a helping hand to wayward time travelers Tom Paris and Tuvok. This is one of two stories in this volume featuring Dulmer and Lucsly, the other one being “Gods, Fate, and Fractals” by a good friend of mine, Bill Leisner.

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