Remember the 7th.

December 7th, 1941.

At the time of the attack, more than 60,000 service men and women were serving in Hawaii. More than 2,400 were lost on the 7th, with nearly 1,300 more wounded. The attack was a turning point in United States history on several levels, but today is not about any of that.

Today, we remember the men and women–the wounded and the lost as well as those who survived and who came to the fore in a time of need–on that fateful Sunday morning 75 years ago today.


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Happy 25th Anniversary, Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country!

startrekvi-poster“Captain’s log, stardate 9529.1: This is the final cruise of the Starship Enterprise under my command. This ship and her history will shortly become the care of another crew. To them and their posterity will we commit our future. They will continue the voyages we have begun and journey to all the undiscovered countries, boldly going where no man…where no one…has gone before.”

Far out in space, the U.S.S. Excelsior commanded by Captain Hikaru Sulu observes the destruction of the Klingon moon Praxis. This is followed by a request for aid from the Klingon Empire when it’s learned that the moon’s obliteration has contaminated the atmosphere of the Klingon home world, threatening all life on the planet within fifty years. Unable to combat the ecological disaster on their own, the Klingons have come, hat in hand in the form of Chancellor Gorkon, leader of the Klingon High Council, who proposes a peace between the Federation and the Empire.

Dispatched to escort Gorkon to Earth to meet with the Federation President, Captain Kirk and the Enterprise soon find themselves caught up in a conspiracy when the chancellor is murdered aboard his own ship. The Enterprise crew is implicated in the assassination, and Kirk and Dr. McCoy tried in a Klingon court and sentenced to imprisonment on a remote Klingon penal colony. Spock and the rest of the crew must now race against time to expose the conspiracy and prove Kirk and McCoy’s innocence, before assassins can strike once again at an upcoming peace summit.

And hilarity ensues.

Released on December 6th, 1991, Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country marked the final time the entire cast of the original Star Trek series would appear together on screen*. The film brought to a close one of the more remarkable resurrections and evolutions of an entertainment property from cancelled 1960s television series to full-blown multi-media franchise. Its release brought to a close a year marked by celebration and mourning, highlighted by the observance of Star Trek‘s 25th anniversary as well as the death of series creator Gene Roddenberry.

The story, developed by Leonard Nimoy and director Nicholas Meyer, was conceived as a way to bid farewell to Captain Kirk and his crew, clearing the decks for the eventual promotion of Star Trek: The Next Generation to the big screen. This proved to be accurate not just in real life but also within the fictional construct of the Star Trek mythos, as the film depicts the thawing of relations between the Federation and the Klingon Empire, leading to the uneasy alliance between the two interstellar powers which eventually allows for the presence of a Klingon, Lieutenant Worf, on the bridge of the Galaxy-class U.S.S. Enterprise nearly eighty years after the events of this story. Indeed, that bit of progress was even foretold in “Errand of Mercy,” a first-season episode of the original series, in which the alien Organians predict that the Federation and Empire would one day work together as friends.

Pretty cool, huh?

In addition to making sure each of the main cast has at least one moment to shine at key points throughout the film, Star Trek VI also boast an impressive guest cast including David Warner (Tron, Star Trek V: The Final Frontier), a pre-Sex and the City Kim Cattrall, a post-Robocop Kurtwood Smith, and the great Christopher Plummer.

It also has what I still rank as my favorite teaser trailer of any Star Trek movie ever:

Though the conclusion of Star Trek VI marks the end of adventures with the original Enterprise crew, we would later see Scotty appear in “Relics,” a sixth-season episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation, and Sulu would appear in a third-season episode of Star Trek: Voyager, “Flashback.” And we can’t overlook “Trials and Tribble-ations,” where the cast of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine insert themselves into the event of the classic original series episode “The Trouble With Tribbles.”

On the big screen, Scotty, Chekov, and Captain Kirk in particular would factor into the events of 1994’s Star Trek Generations, which would cement the passing of the baton to Jean-Luc Picard and his Next Generation crew. Fifteen years later, Leonard Nimoy would reprise his role of Spock and help to usher in a full-on reimagining of Kirk and the gang for 2009’s Star Trek reboot film.

Still, Star Trek VI ends up being somewhat bittersweet. Though my fellow fans and I were happy to see our heroes in action once more, I also knew even as the end credits rolled and the theater lights came up that Star Trek–the Star Trek I grew up with, at any rate–was over. There would be more adventures in the Final Frontier, of course, but I couldn’t help feeling like I was saying goodbye to old friends for the final time. The last scene of the film, with Kirk reading his log entry and the Enterprise sales away, with the cast “signing their names” across the screen before the music builds to a rousing rendition of the original Star Trek fanfare, is still something to watch.

It’s not a perfect movie, but it’s still a worthy sign-off for lifelong friends, celebrating the end of an era (of sorts) for those of us who love this stuff.

Happy 25th Anniversary, Star Trek VI.

* in addition to the DS9 episode, the other notable exception is a photograph of the cast inserted into a brief yet touching scene from Star Trek Beyond, released earlier this year.

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Bucs Blog! 2016 Season, Week 13.

I’d hate to be the one to jinx things, but damn! This is starting to get a little exciting.


Bucs 28 – Chargers 21

Last week, I decided all on my own and without anything resembling professional analysis that this was a must-have game for Tampa. Ideally, a Bucs victory would be accompanied by losses meted out to division rivals Atlanta and New Orleans, and maybe even Carolina just to add some extra flavor.

Apparently, the Football Gods saw fit to smile upon me and grant my wishes.

If only I could learn to use my supposed powers for good.

The Bucs didn’t make it easy on me though, trailing as they did through almost three quarters of the game before Tampa linebacker Lavonte Davis intercepted San Diego quarterback Philip Rivers and rumbled to the end zone for a touchdown. That was enough to right the ship, with Bucs QB Jameis Winston and the Tampa offense feeding off that energy and scoring eleven unanswered points in the fourth period. A last-chance drive by Rivers and the Chargers was thwarted by another interception, this time by Bucs safety Keith Tandy, to preserve the win.

Winston shook off an early interception and ended up going 20 completions on 30 pass attempts for 280 yards and a TD, spreading the wealth to nine different receivers on the day. Ever-reliable running back Doug Martin lead the Bucs ground game with 45 yards on 17 rushing attempts, including one amazing fight to the end zone where he simply refused to go down after an initial stop/pileup at the line of scrimmage, from which he somehow escaped to punch in the score. Add to that the effort of the Bucs defense to keep the Chargers at bay, and what does it spell? W-I-N.

This latest victory extends the Bucs winning streak to 4 games, improves their record to 7-5, and moves them into a tie with the Falcons for first place in the NFC South, news made even sweeter when you add in the losses suffered by their division rivals. If the season ended today, Tampa would be the sixth seed in the NFC playoff lineup. In many respects, they now control their own destiny so far as any post-season plans are concerned.

Next up for the Bucs? Back home to Tampa to host the aforementioned New Orleans Saints. Being a division game, this one is definitely a “need-to-win,” not just to keep their playoff hopes alive, but also to improve their division and conference standings so far as seeding goes. We’re getting down to the nitty-gritty, folks.

Bucs life, yo!

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November writing wrap-up!

all-the-wordsSo, we’re in the home stretch, with 2017 now looming on the horizon. To be honest, I’m okay with that. 2016 has been a shit year, in several respects, and I’ll be happy to kick it to the curb.

On the other hand, I’ve not had any real cause for complaint on the writing front, and things remain busy even as we careen toward the new year. Indeed, I’m currently arranging pieces on the 2017 game board, as it looks like I’ll be busy well into the year’s first half.

So, let’s take a look at the rundown and see what happened during November:

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Star Trek Adventures Living Playtest launches! Guess who’s mucking about behind the scenes?

For those who may not be aware, Modiphius, a UK-based publisher with its fingers in any number of creative pots such as roleplaying games, boardgames, miniatures, novels, and all sorts of other stuff, is currently neck deep in developing Star Trek Adventures. This brand new, kick-ass role playing game where gamers participate in a constantly evolving “living campaign.” In this format, thousands of players get to take advantage of a shared setting, doing their own thing individually or as part of a team or group, with their progress tracked by the game designers/owners. With various feedback mechanisms including forums, e-mail, “mission orders” and “mission reports” and so on, players will be interacting with each other as well as the game developers, who in turn can and will use such feedback to shape new directions for the games to take.

Check it out this brand-spankin’ new press release from the good folks at Modiphius:




Written and Developed By Famed Star Trek Novelists and Game Designers, Players Will Make Star Trek History as the Course is Plotted for Exploration and Adventure

LONDON, ENGLAND (December 1, 2016): Modiphius Entertainment, publisher of the Achtung! Cthulhu, Mutant Chronicles, Conan, Infinity and John Carter of Mars roleplaying games, announces the missions for the Star Trek Adventures™ living campaign playtest, to develop the first official Star Trek RPG in more than a decade, are now live with more than 5,000 players and counting.

Thousands of players around the world will adventure through the Star Trek universe like never before in an epic storyline written by New York Times Bestselling Star Trek author Dayton Ward and Scott Pearson (Star Trek novellas: The More Things Change, Among the Clouds, Terra Tonight), developed by Nathan Dowdell (Black Crusade, Mutant Chronicles 3rd Edition, Corvus Belli’s Infinity: The Roleplaying Game and Robert E Howard’s Conan: Adventures in an Age Undreamed Of) and lead writer David F Chapman (Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space Roleplaying Game, Conspiracy X 2.0, Buffy the Vampire Slayer RPG). Joining them are an interstellar line-up including writers from all previous editions of the Star Trek roleplaying game, as well as big names from across the tabletop gaming industry including:

Shawn Merwin (Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition: War of Everlasting Darkness, Halls of Undermountain, Dungeon Delve), Jim Johnson (Lord of the Rings RPG, Mage: The Awakening, Shadowrun Augmentation), Jacob Ross (Legend of the Five Rings, Mongoose Traveller, Kaigaku), Patrick Goodman (Shadowrun: Fifth Edition, Shadowrun: Street Legends, Shadowrun: Storm Front), Ross Isaacs (Line Developer Star Trek RPG (Decipher) and Star Trek: The Next Generation Roleplaying Game (Last Unicorn Games), Ian Lemke (Changeling: The Dreaming, White Wolf Publishing, Earth Down), John Snead (Mindjammer: Traveller, Eclipse Phase, Star Trek Next Generation RPG Last Unicorn Games.), Dan Taylor (IDW Publishing’s Star Trek comics), Bill Maxwell (Fading Suns, Star Trek Roleplaying Game, Mage: The Awakening), Tim Beach (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (Red Steel, Maztica Campaign Set, Hail the Heroes, Dungeons of Mastery, City of Delights) and Andrew Peregrine (Doctor Who, 7th Sea, Victoriana)

As well as Aaron Pollyea (Battletech), Oz Mills (Fantasy AGE Bestiary, Dragon Age: Faces of Thedas), Ade Smith (Mutants and Masterminds: Atlas of Earth Prime – Northern Europe, Rogue Gallery. Fainting Goat Games: Extreme Earth), Chris Huff (Mutants & Masterminds Freedom’s Most Wanted, DC Adventures RPG Heroes & Villains Volume 1, DC Adventures RPG Heroes & Villains Volume 2), John Kennedy (Ninja Crusade 2E, Infinity Tabletop Roleplaying Game, Myth Board Game), Kevin Mickelson (Mask of Death, A Learning Time, A Frightful Time, A Miraculous Time), Ryan Schoon (Fragged Empire, Edara: The Steampunk Renaissance, Baby Bestiary) and Chris Huff (DC Adventures, Mutants & Masterminds, Pathfinder).

The playtest gives fans of the legendary television series and films the opportunity to contribute to the development of the game; to sit in the captain’s chair, seek out new life and new civilizations, give all they’ve got to a warp core breach, or explore their own adventures in the Star Trek universe.

The living campaign begins with playtest missions and will continue with the release of the core rulebook in the summer of 2017. The living campaign takes place in the Shackleton Expanse, an area of space vastly unexplored by both the Federation and the Klingons. Starbase 364, Narendra Station, named after the battle of Narendra III where the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-C was destroyed, serves as the keep on the borderlands for excursions out into the frontier of space.

As the crews of the U.S.S. Venture, U.S.S. Bellerophon, U.S.S. Thunderchild, explore strange anomalies and discover new life while uncovering an ancient civilization and mysterious technologies, those aboard the U.S.S. Lexington will shape historical events for those very ships.

Assignments are still open for Captains and Officers to take their place aboard the bridge and make Star Trek gaming history. Further, local game shops organizing an in-store playtest group will receive starbase status with pre-order promotions for the game’s retail release. Fans attending Dragonmeet in London on Saturday will have the final chance to receive a free Captain Kirk or Captain Picard figure when they sign up for the Star Trek Adventures playtest.

To register yourself or your group online, visit

To register as a retailer, visit

Under license by CBS Consumer Products, Star Trek Adventures is slated for a Summer 2017 release and the playtest crews will be listed in the Star Trek Adventures book manifest.

™ & ©2016 CBS Studios Inc. STAR TREK and related marks and logos are trademarks of CBS Studios Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Jenny Bendel

And, why yes….that Dayton Ward mentioned in the press release is indeed me.

I have friend and fellow word pusher Jim Johnson to thank for my involvement in the game. He had already signed on to Modiphius back in the summer, and it was he who introduced me to Chris Birch. The past couple of months have had be devoting time here and there to helping develop a core storyline for the game’s first “living playtest.” One of the things I was asked to do early on was make sure ideas for this first storyline don’t rub up against anything that’s been done previously, avoid continuity traps and pitfalls, and so on. Other friend and fellow word slinger Scott Pearson is also onboard, acting as something of a overseer of continuity and keeper of the canon as he reviews game scenarios and other materials. I’m helping him a bit on that, too, as well as continuing to write other story-related items as things move forward. It’s been a lot of fun, so far, and I can’t wait to see where things go. More on what exactly I’m doing will be revealed in an upcoming piece I wrote for e-Newsletter Modiphius soon will be publishing.

What’s cool about this game – and what drew me to contributing – is that even though we have this core story in place, things are open-ended enough that things can go wherever, whenever. Something we thought sounded good two months ago can be replaced by something we come up with based on – for example – the way a particular crew handles one of the scenarios thrown at them. So, in a lot of ways, I have pretty much no idea how the story is going to progress.

Buckle up, kids. This is going to be fun.

EDITED TO ADD: also has an article about the living playtest launch!


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Star Trek: Waypoint signing at Pop Culture Comix!

ST-Waypoint2-SubscriptionCoverHey, Kansas City-area readers, fans, and peeps!

Just a reminder that my hetero life mate, Kevin Dilmore, and I will be signing copies of our first-ever comic, Star Trek: Waypoint #2 from IDW Publishing, this Wednesday  at Pop Culture Comix in picturesque Overland Park, Kansas.

The shop’s proprietor has acquired a hefty stack of copies for this little shin-dig, so come on out and get an early start to your Christmas shopping by buying them for all of your family and friends. Kevin and I will also have a small selection of titles from our book back list, including our most recent joint offering, Purgatory’s Key, along with my own 24: Trial By Fire and the Vulcan Travel Guide. Kevin also mentioned having copies of the Famous Monsters of Filmland issue where our Star Trek 50th anniversary articles are featured. Quantities will be very limited, so if you’re planning a visit, get there early!

We’ll be on hand for two signings this Wednesday (November 30th) from 10am-1pm, and then again from 4pm to 7pm. It’s new book day, already, of course, and according to Sid the Shop Owner, these are his “peak times.” So, come on out and say “Howdy!”



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Bucs Blog! 2016 Season, Week 12.

Now we’re talking.


Bucs 14 – Seahawks 5

The score is something of a misnomer. Yes, it’s true that the Bucs offense scored all the points they would end up needing in the first quarter, and then spent the rest of the game making me bite my fingernails down to the second knuckle. After two very impressive scoring drives to open the game, the Tampa O popped the clutch for some odd reason, including giving up a safety in the early going, and it fell to the defense to make sure things didn’t get out of hand.

And that’s exactly what they did.

Taking advantage of a struggling Seahawks offensive line and looking at many points during the game like the elite Tampa defenses of days gone by, the Bucs front four made it their mission in life to harass and confound Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson all afternoon. That, along with a suffocating Bucs secondary resulted in six sacks, two interceptions and a fumble, and a lot of “Take that back to your momma” style tackles and catch breakups that limited the Seahawks to only 3 points all day.

As it happened, all of the points were scored in the first half, leaving the rest of the game to serve as a showcase for both team’s defensive units. The Seahawks kept it close, thwarting every attempt by Winston and the Bucs offense to extend their lead. That included picking off a would-be touchdown pass late in the fourth quarter. Faced with needing two scores and time running out, Wilson and the Seahawks mounted what looked like their first real scoring threat of the game, but Tampa sealed the deal when safety Bradley McDougald picked off Wilson two yards shy of the end zone. McDougald returned the interception to the Tampa 34, giving the Bucs plenty of room to take a knee and run out the rest of the clock.

“Game over, man! Game over!”

Coupled with last week’s win against the Chiefs, today’s win at home against the playoff contender Seahawks was the first of what still are many steps on the road to any realistic Tampa post-season plans. The win, their third in a row, improves the Bucs to 6-5 and maintains their one-game trailing of NFC South Division leader Atlanta, who also won today. Likewise, the New Orleans Saints slapped the Rams around pretty good, and they continue to breathe down Tampa’s neck at 5-6. Even Carolina, sitting at 4-7 following their loss to Oakland, are still in the mix with five games to go in the regular season.

Next up? The Bucs travel to sunny San Diego to take on the 5-6 Chargers. We’re not quite at the point where every win is a must-have. However, given the knotted up division race, along with the Falcons, Saints, and Panthers all playing beatable opponents next week, and three of Tampa’s remaining five games coming against division rivals………yeah. Okay, we’ll call it a “must-have.”

Bucs life, yo!

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Talking Time Travel with UnderDiscussion!

undergopherlogoRemember a few weeks ago, when I blabbed about talking with the UnderDiscussion gang about Star Trek‘s 50th anniversary and the new movie? I also mentioned that we actually recorded two episodes for their podcasts that afternoon. Once all the Trek talk was done, we moved on to something that’s a staple not just of Trek but science fiction in general: time travel!

Yep, this time I sat with the UnderGopher gang to discuss this time-tested trope (yeah, I said it), mostly as portrayed in film and TV even though we were still able to slide some book talk into the mix.

In addition to the expected nods and shout-outs to stuff like the Back to the Future trilogy and the Terminator films, we also managed to reach for some deeper cuts like Time After Time (a personal favorite), The Final Countdown (a guilty pleasure), Somewhere In Time and even Peggy Sue Got Married. Of course, no serious discussion of time travel in movies is complete without the requisite salutes to such cinematic masterpieces as Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure and Hot Tub Time Machine.

Shut up.

What’s did our temporal blathering yield?

UnderDiscussion #238: Time Travel

Thanks once again to Dustin, Kevin, and Brady for inviting me back to hang with them for a bit. I figure you guys will learn your lesson, sooner or later.🙂

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Holiday shopping? Check out some stuff from friends of mine.

Black Friday! AHHHH!!!!

Along with all the big stores doing their usual holiday shopping/gladiatorial combat thing, there also are the local and independently owned businesses in our various communities.

trek-stockingstuffersTo begin this with some shameless self-promotion, both Geeks of Doom and Sci-Fi Bulletin have both published “holiday shopping guides” for the geeky book lovers on your list, and both lists feature a number of titles written by friends of mine. Oh, and hey! I’m happy to report that the Vulcan Travel Guide and the Star Trek: Legacies trilogy made both lists. Boo. Yah. The lists contain books by several friends and colleagues, including fellow Star Trek scribes Kevin Dilmore, Greg Cox, David Mack, John Jackson Miller, Paula M. Block & Terry J. Erdmann, Michael & Denise Okuda

And where might you find any or all of my various collections of scribblings, or those of more worthy word pushers? I recommend checking with your local independent bookseller so that you can “#ShopSmall” and “#ShopLocal.” With that in mind, I’m going to boost the signal for my friends at Reader’s World, a small yet awesome bookstore located here in Lee’s Summit. If you’re local to the KC area, you might consider checking them out this weekend. In addition to today’s Black Friday sales, they’re participating in tomorrow’s “Small Business Saturday,” and I’ll even be there with several other local writers, helping out for a while. Bring your books to get signed, or support the story by buying a copy there, and I promise to scribble all over it.

On the comics side of things, I have to recommend my local comics shop, Pulp Fiction Comics & Games, also located in Lee’s Summit. These folks have a store chock full of goodies, and are well-versed in the latest comic and game trends. The store is also very welcoming regardless of age, gender, taste in music, taste in sports teams, and even taste in fashion. I think they may have thrown out a guy wearing Crocs, last year, though.

My backup comic shops are Pop Culture Comix and Elite Comics, both in Overland Park across the state line. In addition to also having stores crammed to the rafters with all sorts of wonderful geekiness, you have a good shot at a piece of cake whenever you wander into Elite, as the owner pretty much is always looking for an excuse to have a cake in there.

If you’re shopping for the book lovers on your list this season, you might well find something interesting and different from one or more of the numerous small independent publishing houses that are…well…they’re everywhere. They’re in your town and mine; a publisher might even be your neighbor, co-worker, or family friend. Small press houses, despite scrapping every day to retain whatever foothold they’ve managed to gain on the beachhead of publishing, often get overlooked or even dismissed in this crazy publishing world and its emphasis on best sellers, blockbusters, and the latest celebrity self-help tome.

I’ve had the privilege of writing for a handful of such houses, and had a lot of fun doing it. If you’re looking for some slick booky-type things to finish out your holiday shopping, you could do worse than to sample the wares of some of these rather nice folks:

First up, a local effort: Eric Reynolds over at Hadley Rille Books has really put together something special, publishing books that feature, “critically acclaimed authors craft a variety of worlds with complex characters, including every day people who face extraordinary challenges.” Eric’s created a very impressive catalogue of titles and harness a diverse, talented stable of writers. Go. Look.

Friends Rich Handley and Paul Giachetti are the minds behind Hasslein Books, a New York-based outfit that publishes “unauthorized” reference books on a number of pop culture properties. A couple of my favorites are their tomes devoted to Planet of the Apes, but they’ve also got one about G.I. Joe that I’m looking forward to checking out. Despite having never met face to face, Rich and I have been internet friends dating back to the 1990s when we were both on America Online. Rich has also been an editor for essays and fiction I’ve written for projects he’s helped shepherd. If you’re shopping for the pop culture enthusiast on your list and looking for something you might not find in a store, be sure to check these guys out.

Elsewhere, Crazy 8 Press is an author-driven cooperative venture from friends Russ Colchamiro, Peter David, Bob Greenberger, Glenn Hauman, Michael Jan Friedman, Paul Kupperberg, and Aaron Rosenberg. Lots of good stuff from them is to be found there, both individually and together in various combinations. Crazy 8 published the ReDeus series of anthologies including Divine Tales, in which I had a story included a few years ago. Last year, C8 also published Mike Friedman’s Pangaea, in which Kevin and I also got to play around a bit.

Yard Dog Press: Headed up by Selina Rosen and her partner, Lynn Stranahan. They and pretty much everyone who writes for them are funny, irreverent, and have this nasty habit of telling some damned fine stories. My connection to the Yard comes because of one of Selina’s own creations, Bubbas of the Apocalypse, for which I’ve written stories featured in a couple of her anthologies. YDP also published a lot of work by the late Ken Rand, including a whole bunch of stories set in one of my very favorite of his creations, the Lucky Nickel Saloon.

Sky Warrior Books: Headed up by Maggie Bonham, this is another ongoing awesome effort within the independent publishing realm. Maggie is one of the savviest people I’ve encountered when it comes to promotion and leveraging the advantages of small press and e-Publishing platforms. She and her editors also are very selective, which of course begs the question of how I got anything published there. Definitely worth checking out if you like fantasy and science fiction of varying flavors.

Elsewhere, word slinger and zombie lover Elizabeth Donald is the mastermind behind The Literary Underworld, which caters to all of your undead, supernatural, and otherwise paranormal needs. She’s also running a Black Friday sale RIGHT FREAKING NOW, so you should probably go and have a look-see.

Okay, then. Those are just a handful to get you started, but there a lot more of these hard-working folks out there. Feel free to pimp your favorite small/indie press here in the comments, be it for books, comics/graphic novels, magazines, poetry, other art, whatever. Even if it’s just you looking for a place to safely promote your own work, link away. I need new stuff to check out, myself.

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Your moment of TrekZen*.

Have a glorious Thanksgiving on your way to the Stove-O-Kor.

(* = inspired by the “Your Moment of Zen” segments from The Daily Show)

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