A new Peaceable Kingdoms review.

So, I received this new review of Peaceable Kingdoms. Short and to the point, right?


This actually is in response to a post made by friend Emmett Plant over on Facebook. He had posted a music sample and solicited feedback, and my comment on the post was, “More cowbell.”

(Sidebar: Are there really people out there who don’t get this reference? Ah, well.)

Anyway, Emmett gave back as good as he got, and posted this picture in response to my comment.

Heh. :D

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Star Trek: Seekers – IT’S FINALLY HERE!

After more than two years of planning, plotting, scheming, conniving, bribing, and even occasional bouts of writing on the part of David Mack, Kevin Dilmore, and myself, our literary demon spawn is now loosed upon the world. Today is the official launch date for Star Trek: Seekers, in the form of the new series’ first book, Second Nature by the redoubtable Mr. Mack:


Yes, I know the book had already started showing up in some stores as early as last week, but don’t harsh my mellow, man. This is a glorious day!

By now, you’re probably bored of this thing’s origin story, but here’s a link to it again, anyway, as posted around this time last year:

Announcing Star Trek: Seekers!

At the risk of invoking Trekkie ire, it’s been a long road, getting from there to here.

(Yeah, I’m just gonna stop that right there.)

Second Nature is the first half of a two-part story cooked up my Dave, Kevin, and myself, with the second half following on next month with Point of Divergence. As I write this, Dave has already written an outline for what will be the third book, and Kevin and I will soon begin plotting what will be the fourth book. What happens after that, if anything, is up to readers.

So, you know…buy a bunch of these first two books. Start with this one, which is now available (or can be ordered) from your favorite local/indie book seller, or you can order it online:

- Paperback
- Kindle e-Book

Barnes & Noble.com
- Paperback and Nook e-Book

And I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention yet again that we have artist Rob Caswell to thank for setting all of this craziness into motion with his kick-ass art. If you haven’t already done so, be sure to go and check out his art gallery of cover mockups. You’ll be able to see how several of those pieces provided us with our inspiration to develop Seekers as a spin-off of the Star Trek Vanguard novel series.

(Check out his other stuff, too.)

All righty, then. Let the Seeking begin!

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“Houston, Tranquility Base here…”

“The Eagle has landed.”

JULY 1969 A.D.

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The Batcave Podcast, Episode 19!

Hello, Bat fans! Checking the Bat-computer tells me it’s time for yet another scintillating installment of The Batcave Podcast!

Host John S. Drew continues his review of the 1960s Batman television series starring Adam West and Burt Ward, moving on to the show’s second season. For the sophomore year’s first episode, John is joined by none other than my hetero life mate himself, Mr. Kevin Dilmore! Together, this dynamic duo take revisit “Shoot a Crooked Arrow” and “Walk the Straight and Narrow,” the two-part story that introduces a new villain to Batman’s Rogues Gallery, the Archer!

From John’s write-up:

“The second season kicks off with a new villain. The Archer, a self-styled Robin Hood thief is robbing from the rich of Gotham City and distributing to the poor. Although the citizens are returning the money, they can’t help but cheer for his exploits and it’s affecting Batman’s public image. Can he stop this malevolent marksman before it’s too late?”

Tune in to see what John and Kevin thought of these episodes: “Shoot a Crooked Arrow”/”Walk the Straight and Narrow

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Novel Spaces – “Bringing New Toys to Someone Else’s Sandbox.”

Our new Novel Spaces rotation began earlier this month, and I’ve been moved from the 15th to the 16th. Please bear with me during this difficult transition period.

So, while it’s the 45th anniversary of the Apollo 11 launch, it’s also my turn at bat over at in the rotation over at Novel Spaces. This month’s entry is a bit of shameless self-promotion, given that the brainchild concocted by fellow word pushers David Mack, Kevin Dilmore, and myself, Star Trek: Seekers, is getting set to make its debut.

This new series of Star Trek novels has been more than two years in the making, planning, writing, and so on and so forth, and the first book in the series, Second Nature, will be released next week. The book Kevin and I wrote to follow it, Point of Divergence, will bow in late August, so we’re beginning to ramp up our various efforts at pointing and screaming and getting people to pay attention to us. So, I decided to brag a bit:

Novel Spaces – “Bringing New Toys to Someone Else’s Sandbox.”

Star Trek: it really is a wonderful little sandbox in which to play.


My Novel Spaces archive.


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Your moment of TrekZen*.

Everybody Spock and Lock.


This image was created by Australian artist Edmund Iffland. Read more about him and his art at his website: EdmundIffland.com.

(* = inspired by the “Your Moment of Zen” segments from The Daily Show)

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Fun with Kirk and Spock book giveaway: We have a winner!

All righty, folks: After a healthy spirited completion in which no lives were lost and no blood spilled…we have a winner of the Fun with Kirk and Spock book giveway!

Our winner!
John Czarnek


Vulcans do not like fun in the sun.

They do not like it with a float,
They do not like it on a boat.
They do not like it with a fox,
Not even one with golden locks.


Congratulations to John, who’s now cordially invited to contact me privately via e-Mail at daytonward AT att DOT net, so that I might see about getting his book on its way to him.

For anyone else who’s interested in getting their own copy of the book, I encourage you to visit the nice folks over at Cider Mill Press and check it out. The page they’ve set up for it includes links to buy it from  your favorite local bookseller, or Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

Fun with Kirk and Spock: Buy me!


Those still on the fence and who need more info can also visit the article posted by StarTrek.com:

StarTrek.com: FIRST LOOK – Fun with Kirk and Spock

Thanks to everyone who stopped by, and most especially to those who chose to play along. Maybe we’ll do something like it again, one of these days.


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