Your Moment of TrekZen*

For the 8-bit lovers among us.


Artwork by Matthew W. Parsons. And yes, it’s available as a real shirt.

(* = inspired by the “Your Moment of Zen” segments from The Daily Show)

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More Trek/Apes comic cover goodness.

As we cruise on toward the end of the year, we find ourselves drawing ever closer to the launch of The Primate Directive, the Star Trek/Planet of the Apes crossover event coming at us courtesy of comics publishers IDW and BOOM! Studios. You may recall that I was a tad enthusiastic about this little bit of whimsical sweetness back when the original announcement was made during San Diego Comic-con. Yep, I was jazzed, particularly when they debuted what was to be the first issue’s cover art.

Oh. Yeah.

Yesterday, offered us a glimpse at some of the art that will grace different covers for the second issue, and once again I’m all giddy and whatnot, though this time it’s for completely different reasons:

appes2(Click to enlarge.)

If you know me or have followed me for any length of time, then you know I have a huge soft spot for the old Gold Key Star Trek comics from the 1960s and 70s. Yes,  stories were hokey and  art was always a bit off, but those comics still possess a charm that later comics and other tie-in merchandise has only rarely been able to duplicate. Also? The covers feature some of my all-time favorite Star Trek comic art. That’s right, I said it.


Whenever I see that retro Star Trek logo from the Gold Key books, I can’t help but grin like a goofy kid. And this isn’t the first time IDW has rolled out that bad boy. Nope…you can find it adorning the two issues that comprise Star Trek’s participation in IDW’s mega crossover event series Infestation from back in 2011. I wrote about those back then.

Read all about the new covers over at IDW’s Trek/Planet of the Apes #2 Crossover Out in January

I can already see this Trek/Apes thing is going to be a lot of fun, and I can’t wait to see what other surprises IDW and BOOM! have up their sleeves.

Yes, I’m a geek. Have we met?

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Cover art for Cross Cult’s German edition of Peaceable Kingdoms!

Wanna look at something pretty?

Cross Cult, our publishing friends who produce German language translations of–among other things–various Star Trek novels and comics, have been busy again. This time, they’re taking on the five books comprising the Star Trek: The Fall mini-series from last year.  As part of their translation “package,” Cross Cult often commissions new cover art to grace their editions of these books. The ones I’ve seen are quite eye-catching…not just the art but the books themselves, which usually are slightly oversized paperbacks with lots of spot varnish effects to really make the cover art pop.

Thanks to a heads up from friend Jens Deffner over on Twitter, I was made aware of this bit of sweetness: a “rough” version of what will be the cover for CrossCult’s edition of my novel from The Fall, Peaceable Kingdoms:

PeaceableKingdoms-CrossCult(Click to Biggie Size)

Pretty swank, right?

“Rough” is in quotes because–more often than not–CrossCult seems to hit pretty close to the final mark even when they offer up these “draft” versions.

Thanks to Jens for the heads-up, and to the gang at CrossCult for doing another bang-up job!

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It’s Jupiter 2 Launch Day!

October 16th, 1997:

“This is the beginning. This is the day. You are watching the unfolding of one of history’s greatest adventures–man’s colonization of space beyond the stars. The first of what may be as many as ten million families per year is setting out on its epic voyage into man’s newest frontier, deep space. Reaching out into other worlds from our desperately overcrowded planet, a series of deep thrust telescopic probes have conclusively established a planet orbiting the star Alpha Centauri as the only one within range of our technology able to furnish ideal conditions for human existence.

Even now the family chosen for this incredible journey into space is preparing to take their final pre lift off physical tests. The Robinson family was selected from more than two million volunteers for its unique balance of scientific achievement, emotional stability, and pioneer resourcefulness. They will spend the next five and a half years of their voyage frozen in a state of suspended animation which will terminate automatically as the spacecraft enters the atmosphere of the new planet.”

- Lost In Space, “The Reluctant Stowaway”


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Novel Spaces – “Finding the Happy Medium With Social Media”

writerWell, whaddaya know? It’s the 16th again, and that means it’s my turn at bat over at the Novel Spaces blog!

All through the month of October, we’re discussing various aspects of handling social media as a writer. Where to go, what to do, how to behave, what to avoid, and other tips and tricks. Given the cross-section of writers and represented genres who hang out over there, there are a lot of angles being covered with several different perspectives and a variety of experiences–good and bad–being shared. So, if you’re a writer who’s struggling to tame the beast that is your “social media platform,” you could do worse than to head over and check out the October offerings.

When it was decided to do this “theme month,” we had the option to write something new or repost previous entry dealing with the topic. I went back through my past entries and found a couple specifically targeting social media, including one I wrote early last year. Reading over it again, I think it still does the job I intended for it, so I opted to repost it for the benefit of newer readers and anyone else who may have missed it the first time. Here you go:

Novel Spaces – “Finding the Happy Medium With Social Media”

How do you approach social media? Do you love it or loathe it? Is it fun or frustrating? What tricks do you have for integrating promotion into the mix?

My Novel Spaces archive.

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UnderDiscussion: “80s Action Movies!”

This past weekend, I joined the gang from UnderGopher so that we might talk–at length–about a subject that is near and dear to my heart: 80s action movies!

As someone who “came of age” in the 80s, I have a soft spot for many things to spring from that decade: video game arcades, some of the music, very little of the fashion, a decent selection of television shows, and a whole bunch of the movies. In particular, I am a huge geek of the “action movie genre,” and there was a metric assload of these films released during the 1980s.

Sitting down with Brady, Kevin, and Dustin, we spent the better part of two hours going through the decade, year by year, and hitting most of the great flicks to come out during this period. We also hit more than a few of the “less than stellar” additions to the list. There’s no way we could get to them all, and several we either bypassed completely or gave passing mention because they’re deserving of their own discussion (we’d already done the Bond movies in separate podcasts, here and here, for example). It was a total blast hanging out with the guys, and as it happens I’ll be doing it again before you know it. Next month, for a different topic.

In the meantime, stick this in your ears:

UnderDiscussion #175: 80s Action Movies!

Thanks again to Brady, Dustin, and Kevin for inviting me to the UnderGopher lair for yet another spirited discussion!

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Bucs Blog! 2014 Season, Week 6.

Wow. That was embarrassing.


Ravens 48 – Bucs 17

For the first quarter, the Baltimore Ravens looked like they were channeling the St. Louis Rams during their “Greatest Show on Turf” years. Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco threw five-count ‘em, five–touchdown passes before we were into the second minute of the second quarter. You can do that when the opposing defense can’t even get into the same zip code in which your offensive line has established your pocket. This was me at the 13:00 minute mark in the 2nd quarter…..

angry baby
Meanwhile, Baltimore defenders spent more time in the Bucs backfield than Tampa running backs. Glennon was finally able to get his offense moving, but by then their fate was sealed. Even the fans knew that, as they’d all but evacuated Raymond James Stadium by halftime, getting home in plenty of time to be ready for their Walking Dead watch parties.

I’m not even going to bother with the rest of the recap. Something tells me I’m going to need to space out my snark if I’m going to make it through the rest of the season. Long story short? The Bucs are 1-5 and looking up at the ass of the rest of the division. Despite a tie in their game with Cincinnati, the Carolina Panthers are still on top. New Orleans holds a half-game lead over the Atlanta Falcons despite their bye this weekend, and Atlanta’s lost three so maybe they’re fixing to enter their own death spiral.

The Bucs have their own bye next week, which I expect them to lose just out of reflex.

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